'I'm A Celeb' Has A New Jungle Regular, But Don't Expect Him To Play Nice

James Gourley/ITV/Shutterstock

I can almost hear that infectious theme tune can't you? We are mere days away from the kick off of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here and boy oh boy is this season looking to be a real feast for the senses. And, considering all of the exciting new crew changes, it looks like there is going to be a whole new vibe in the jungle. One particular change that is exciting fans is the latest addition to the kiosk. But who is Kiosk Kev?

So, pre Kev, there was Keith. His job was to run the Kiosk. So, Kev will be taking over, after Keith's contract wasn't renewed after alleged unprofessional behaviour in the camp. Keith was a labourer who was given the role which was created for him by the producers. However, minus Keith the role lives on, except this time they have hired an actor for the role. And this actor is ha-yuge, long haired, and low key hot. Not much is known about the mysterious character but I suspect he is at least part Dothraki (shout out to my Game Of Thrones fans), as Australian as a koala eating a tim tam, and 100% brooding.

So, Kiosk Kev's job is to basically sit in his Kiosk and be all like handsome and ticked off, guarding some luxury items which only he can decide to share or not. And what makes it possible for contestants to get their dirty little mitts on these yummy things? Well, basically they got to win the "Dingo Dollar challenge". If the contestants successfully win the challenge, they go to the kiosk. But, of course, there is a twist. It falls to the contestants back at camp whether they win or not. Kiosk Kev calls the camp and asks a question. If the camp gets it right, then they get the treats. Yum yum. If they get it wrong? Grumpy old Kev slams the shutters of the kiosk shut and its back to camp rations for the contestants.

And what sort of treats do they get from the kiosk? Well, in previous seasons it was all sorts. In particular, Amir Khan received a gorgeous birthday cake in the last season, that had some boxing gloves on and caused many a grumbling tummy across the nation.

Kiosk Keith was also seen DJing once to celebrate the birthday of host Vicky Pattinson, but there is no telling whether that will also be a part of Kev's remit in the role.

One thing that is certain however, is that he is absolutely going to scare the pants off contestants. Oh yes, he is an intimidating man. ITV are super confident that Kev is going to make his predecessor look like a teddy bear. In a statement they said

"The celebs from previous series who thought Kiosk Keith was scary won't know how lucky they were - Kiosk Kev is truly terrifying"

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here kicks off this Sunday November 18th on ITV at 9pm, so tune in to see how this Dothraki fares in the jungle.