Who Is Kirstin Maldonado's Fiance? Jeremy Michael Lewis Sings, Too

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Being a fan of a cappella groups used to be something most people would hide, afraid of the nerd status that might follow. I would know because I was one of those people. But many count Pentatonix as being the group to make a cappella groups trendy, also because along with being extremely talented, the Pentatonix members are trendy and cool themselves. Like any other band, they have lots of admiring fans, and Kirstin Maldonado especially gets attention as the only woman in the group. Earlier this year, Maldonado got engaged to a man who she is still head over heels in love with, so who is Jeremy Michael Lewis, the Pentatonix singer's fiancé?

On May 30, Us Weekly reported that Maldonado and Lewis got engaged in Paris, and the couple shared photos of the special day. Lewis shared a beautiful caption under their engagement photo, giving an insight into their sweet relationship. He wrote,

No words could begin to describe the feelings and impact you have had on my life over the past 2 and a half years, but I'll do my best. In august of 2013, I was blessed with the opportunity to meet you, the most incredible woman in the entire world.

Gah! So, we have some info about when they met, but who exactly is Lewis?

He Is An Accomplished Businessman

According to his LinkedIn profile, Lewis is currently Vice President of Marketing at Kastr, which is a content broadcasting network. He also lists himself as owner and digital marketing consultant at his own company, Platobrand.

He Also Sings A Cappella

In 2013, Lewis competed on NBC's The Sing-Off with his group, Acoustikats. Maldonado famously won the competition with Pentatonix back in 2011 on the same show, so this could very well be how they first met.

They Have Collaborated Together

Voctave on YouTube

And it was a Disney love medley at that!

They Like To Party Together

And dress alike, too!

He Is Friends With Her Group Mates


...And He Supports His Fiancée Above All

Nothing better than that!

With both of their great talents, they make an amazing team.