Who Is Leonardo DiCaprio Dating? Nina Agdal Is An Accomplished Model


We're always keen to know who Leonardo DiCaprio is dating (annoyingly, it isn't us) and, as award season approaches that, curiosity is especially peaked: which tall, blonde model will be seen on arm this year? Oh, what, is that typecasting? Well, as much as I hate to peg the Oscar-winning(!) dreamboat, DiCaprio is dating Nina Agdal, who is indeed in stature and profession a tall model (although her hair is listed as light brown, but come on). But what separates her from the rest of DiCaprio type, besides the light brown hair thing? A lot, actually.

Agdal hails from Denmark, and, although she's maybe not a household name in the vein of Kate Upton, she's already paraded around with the big leagues. Her resume includes modeling gigs with Victoria Secret, Billabong, and Bebe, and she's appeared in editorials for Cosmopolitan and Elle Magazine. And, perhaps least shocking, she's made the rounds in Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue. 2011 had her named "Rookie of the Year" and, in 2014, she appeared on the cover along Chrissy Teigen and Lily Aldridge in that somewhat infamous no-tops, just bikini bottoms 50th anniversary shot. So, um, no big deal, she's just your average, ordinary girl-next-door. From Denmark.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

OK, maybe these credentials seem pretty standard, and yet there is an interesting line in her romantic history pre-Leo. Apparently, Agdal dated Maroon 5's Adam Levine just before he linked up with Behati Prinsloo for keeps. In fact, Agdal reportedly learned of second-tier modelizer Levine's engagement to Prinsloo via text message. Awww, that'd be really sad... if it didn't eventually lead her on the path to linking up with freaking Jack Dawson himself.

Technically, Agdal isn't an entirely fresh face in DiCaprio's history. The two were hanging out back in 2014, and have been seeing each other, at least casually, since May of this year. That is, taking fun jet-setting vacations to private islands in the Bahamas when they can fit it into their schedule. You know, like you and I do when we casually date. Also, she loves to sleep naked and is always the little spoon.

It sounds like Agdal is not only accomplished in her field, but also an interesting and quirky person in her own right, no matter who she's dating. Here's to seeing the two of them around a lot this awards season.