Who Is Lucas In 'Emerald City'? Oliver Jackson-Cohen Is Giving Off Darker Scarecrow Vibes

Rico Torres/NBC

Guys, we are definitely not in Kansas anymore. NBC's new dark series, Emerald City will bring fans back to something only slightly resembling the legendary classic that is The Wizard of Oz, but don't expect to see any singing lollipop guilds in this one. The wicked witch will be even more evil, there are drugs, war is raging and even the jovial Scarecrow that we all remember will get a macabre makeover. So, who plays Lucas the Scarecrow in NBC's Emerald City?

British actor Oliver Jackson-Cohen will be stepping into the role of Dorothy's closest ally, the Scarecrow (whose name will be Lucas in the show). This series has picked a lot of relatively lesser-known actors to play these new takes on the classic characters, which I think lends itself well to immersing viewers into this new world that is modern and creepy but still looks slightly familiar. You may remember Jackson-Cohen's face from roles in The Raven and What's Your Number? with Anna Ferris. He also played Prince William in the 2011 series, William and Kate: Happily Ever After. So, I think that solidifies the fact that he's a certified stud.

The circumstances in which Dorothy discovers the Scarecrow are going to be very different this time around, though. She won't be stumbling upon a bag of straw in a cornfield. In Emerald City, Dorothy discovers him crucified on a cross structure, covered in straw. How do we know he is the scarecrow for sure? Well if the straw didn't tip you off and the fact that he is hanging on a pole like the original character, there is a legitimate crow sitting on the structure that he is on and the writers make sure to stick with the "if I only had a brain" shtick.

Lucas can't remember anything that happened to him, including his own name. Dorothy hails from Lucas, Kansas and decides to name him after her home. If you guessed that there is some subtle symbolism with this hunky stranger being closely associated with the place she calls home, you're probably right. The trailers heavily suggest that Dorothy and Lucas will definitely be love interests in the series.

This series seems like it will be a hit with both fans of the original Wizard of Oz and fans of some shows on television today. Is it just me or does Emerald City have a slight Game of Thrones feel to it? When I saw the gigantic statue looming over the city in the trailer, I immediately was taken back to the immense statue in Braavos on Game Of Thrones.


This seems like it has something for everyone, so make sure you check out Emerald City on NBC, Fridays at 9 p.m. ET.