Who Is Lyra On 'Supergirl'? Winn's New Love Interest Is From An Interesting Planet

Dean Buscher/The CW

While you were living for Alex and Maggie's first Valentine's Day or swooning over Kara and Mon-El finally giving in to their feelings, another romance was brewing on Supergirl. I'm not talking about Mr. Mxyzptlk, though the trickster was about as charming as he was annoying and dangerous. Who is Lyra on Supergirl? The alien from Starhaven found a last-minute date and possibly more in Winn.

This isn't the first time that Starhaven has been mentioned on the CW series. Kara was once imprisoned with a visitor from that planet, and mentioned that the air smelled like cinnamon. In the comics, they share ties to Native America culture, interestingly enough. According to Lyra, Starhaven may have been struck with a crisis on Supergirl too — should the fact that so many planets have undergone widespread destruction be concerning to anyone? I'm just saying. She aggressively pursued Winn, physically at first, after saving his life at the alien bar. Lyra was then surprised to learn that Winn was actually interested in dating her and pursuing a relationship. She assumed he was just at the bar to fulfill some kind of extraterrestrial fetish. Little did she know that Winn was just as scared of having real feelings as she was. Aliens — they're just like us!

So, other than a pretty girl with a bumpy face whose planet may have been destroyed, who exactly is this alien? There aren't any characters named Lyra in DC comics, but Starhaven is home to a few interesting heroes. One is Dawnstar, a bounty hunter who joined the Legion of Super-Heroes. She has wings, the ability to breath in space, and enhanced senses. There's also Wildstar, a mutated Starhavenite who has the same powers, but can also project energy. I'm not saying that Lyra is one of those two characters, but it is something to think about. Even if she isn't Dawnstar or Wildstar, she could have wings. I've love to see Winn's reaction to that on Supergirl.