You Ought To Know Mr. Mxyzptlk On 'Supergirl'

It's not unusual for an episode of Supergirl to end with both a cliffhanger, and an unwelcome guest in someone's apartment — but the white mist that signaled the arrival of the latest visitor was quite different. Who flew in Kara's window on Supergirl? He called himself Mr. Mxyzptlk, and... instantly declared his love for her? The CW series is getting its strangest DC comics character yet.

In the comics, Mxyzptlk is not exactly a villain. Most of the time, he is harmless. He's more of a trickster with little rationality and a penchant for pranks. There doesn't seem to be a romantic history, perceived or otherwise, between Kara Zor-El and Mxy in the comics, but this will definitely be a welcome twist. He is of the "imp" race from the Fifth Dimension and has superpowers that resemble magic tricks but include manipulating reality, immortality, flight, and teleportation.

Speaking of things that are typical for Kara Danvers, the appearance of this magical paramour also interrupted what would have been her second kiss with Mon-El. The promo for next week showed Mxyzptlk proposing to Kara, posing as Supergirl, and stripping Mon-El down to his boxers. 'Shipping aside, I'm excited for Supergirl to have a little fun again.

Mxy is played by Peter Gadiot, who I loved in Once Upon A Time In Wonderland. Sounds like a fun time! Hopefully, the character will keep coming back to lovingly torment Kara, and maybe even other members of the Arrowverse.