Matt Healy's Comments About His Girlfriend Will Make Your Heart Melt

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They are one of the biggest bands to come out of the UK in the last few years, earning them hoards of fans, international tours, hit albums, and a heck of a lot of attention. Yep, The 1975 are doing pretty damn well in a time when finding success in the music industry is tough AF. All of this touring must make it pretty hard to do well in the relationship department though right? Especially for the front man Matt Healy. Well, actually he is doing alright, but who is Matt Healy dating?

The talented lead singer of The 1975 is currently dating Gabriella Brooks, or Gabby as she is more commonly known. Brooks is an Australian model who you might well recognise from her work with UK giant Topshop. She is also closely connected to independent fashion label Lovers And Drifters Club and surf brands like Surf Sitch and Rip Curl. She studied Bachelor of Arts at Sydney University, choosing to major in Ancient History and Archaeology. The loved up pair have been an item for quite a while, with their relationship status being made clear when she accompanied him to the 2017 BRIT awards. Add to that how open Healy has been in interviews about his love for her and you have a celeb match made in heaven.

Speaking to Vulture, Healy revealed he is in fact so in love with Brook that he would quite like have children with her at some point. Well, when they have time for a baby that is, "I’m too busy, but do you ever think that sometimes? God! Well, at least then me will go away! I’d like to become a vessel for somebody else’s happiness. That’s where I get meaning in life. I make music; it makes people happy. I find everything else a bit hard. I love my girlfriend," he said.

Healy, son of TV personality Denise Welch and actor Tim Healy, and brother of actor Louis Healy— has been super transparent about his life since the beginning of his career. Healy's openness is not just regarding his relationship. He has been entirely transparent regarding his battles with addiction, having done a stint in rehab in the Bahamas to tackle his heroin addiction. An addiction which was rife during his band's meteoric rise to the top. Speaking to The Irish Independent, he made it clear the thought of glamourising drug use was abhorrent to him.

"I don't want anyone to think that I was some countercultural hero who had done a bit of smack. That idea repulsed me, as did the idea of being like some kind of Pete Doherty kind of caricature. It's nothing like that. I didn't take heroin to be cool or edgy, it's more that I have an addictive personality".

Healy's band The 1975 are nominated in this year's BRIT awards for The Best British Group award and for the Best British Album, with their album A Brief Enquiry Into Online Relationships. The boys are also due to perform at the ceremony so fans of the had better tune in to see them in action.

Watch The BRIT Awards tonight February 20th on ITV1 at 8p.m.