Who Is Morven Christie? 'The Bay's Lead Actor Has A Shakespearean Background & A Cute AF Insta

ITV/The Bay

You've probably been trying to fill the Broadchurch-shaped hole ever since the beautiful but shocking crime drama ended in 2017. Well, you're in luck. ITV's returning with a coastal-set murder mystery that is bound to be just as gritty, gorgeous, nerve-wrecking and nuanced as the show you've now been missing for over two years now. The Bay is coming to screens very soon, and its star is set to be just as captivating as David Tennant himself. But who is Morven Christie, the star of ITV's intensely chilling new crime drama? This might not be the first time you've seen her on screen.

Debuting on ITV1 at 9 p.m. on Wednesday, March 20, The Bay will see Christie playing the steely Detective Sergeant Lisa Armstrong as she looks into the disappearance of two teenage girls, with whom she shares a haunting connection. Ahead of the show's premiere, it feels only right to get to know its main actress a little better.

According to an inteview with the Scottish Herald from June 2015, Christie grew up in Glasgow and Aviemore before she moving to the UK capital to study acting at Drama Centre London. From there, Christie took to the stage almost immediately, starring in various productions for the Royal Shakespeare Company including Romeo & Juliet, Mucho Ado About Nothing, and The Winter's Tale, according to theatre site The Stage.

It wasn't long before Christie found herself on TV screens, as she made her debut in Doctors for a one-off episode in 2004, according to her IMDB page. While she appeared in several other shows and TV movies, including Oliver Twist and Lost in Austen, her 'big break' came when she was cast as Amanda Hopkins in ITV's clergy-based crime drama Grantchester in 2014.

"I play women that a lot of people think of as absolute b*****s," she relayed to the Telegraph in October 2017. "But that’s not who they are to me — they are proper reflections of real women. I’ve never wanted to play the pretty girlfriend prop role because that’s just completely patronising in my mind," she added. Her role in The Bay is set to follow suit.

ITV/The Bay

As Christie told ITV, she feels her character on The Bay is "such a refreshingly real character — brilliant and flawed, trying to make everything work, and often failing. I adore her." I reckon we're all going to fall in love with Lisa Armstrong (and the actress playing her) very easily once The Bay starts airing.

Lucky for us, we can glean quite a lot about Christie from her Instagram, which features some sublime selfies amd adorable kittens. Christie's Insta also has a lot of music-related content — but that's understandable, considering she is currently romantically tied to the Scottish pop band Chvrches' multi-instrumentalist member Iain Cook.

So, if The Bay somehow hasn't managed to entice you yet, maybe the sheer fact that someone so cool is playing its lead role might reel you in. Christie's acting career is set for stratospheric heights.

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