Who Is Nick B. From 'Bachelor In Paradise'? You May Know Him Better As Santa Claus

ABC/Bob D’Amico

Nick Benvenutti of JoJo Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette is most notable for his limo entrance and not much else. Nick arrived dressed as Saint Nick (aka Santa Claus) and had JoJo laughing within minutes of meeting him. There is nothing bolder than arriving as Santa Claus and making the Bachelorette sit on your lap. After that big entrance, though, Nick didn't get much screen time and was eliminated in Week 3. Now, Nick B. is joining Bachelor In Paradise where he will get another chance at love and screen time. Maybe people will even remember who he is without the Santa suit this time around.

Nick is an electrical engineer from Mississippi who now lives and works in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. His social media shows that he enjoys working out, spending time outside with friends, and his adorable nephew. While Nick's time on JoJo's season was brief, perhaps he'll shine on the beaches of Mexico and find his Mrs. Claus.

Bachelor In Paradise can often be an opportunity for less prominent Bachelorette men to find love. Let's take a moment to find out a bit more about the man under the Santa suit before he hits our screens on Monday.

He's A Proud Uncle

Nick posted this adorable Instagram of him and his nephew with the hashtag #ProudUncle. #ProudUncles are often a step away from being #GoodDads, so maybe we'll see a more serious relationship blossom for Nick in Paradise. For now he's sticking with being an uncle and a godparent.

He Really Does Love Santa Claus

As silly as it was to arrive as Santa Claus to The Bachelorette mansion, he really is a fan of the Christmas mascot — as evidenced by this pic of him dressed as the jolly guy at the beach.

He's A Gym Aficionado

Like many of the Bachelor Nation guys, Nick spends a lot of time in the gym.

He Has Bachelor Nation Buds

A lot of Bachelor show suitors find companionship with each other after the shared experience of dating on TV.

He's Into Sports

Nick plays a variety of sports from rugby to soccer to golf. It's got to take a competitive spirit to choose to compete for one woman, and it seems Nick finds an outlet for this in athletics. The weather in Florida is warm and Nick is often outside playing sports and soaking up the sun.

He Likes To Travel

Nick posted the following Instagram of Taiwan, exclaiming that he misses it. While Nick missed out on some travel during JoJo's season (due to his early exit), he seems to have made up for it on his own time.

He's Excited For Paradise

Nick posted the above photo sending love to his fellow cast mates. Here's to another chance at love for Nick — because if Santa Claus can't find it, then there's basically no hope for the rest of us.