Patricia's 'Southern Charm' BF Is So Mysterious

Rodolfo Martinez/Bravo

Will Southern Charm feature a wedding ceremony this season? A major person from the cast may be walking down the aisle soon. The initial episode featured a big announcement from Patricia Altschul, who shared she was seeing someone new. She rocked a giant “promise ring” on her finger and said it was a gift from a mystery man. Who is this Mr. C that Patricia Altschul is seemingly engaged to on the show? It's all so mysterious.

Atlschul knows a thing or two about scoring a ring on her left finger. According to Bravo, the wealthy philanthropist has been married three times, including her first marriage to L. Hayes Smith, who happens to be Southern Charm executive producer Whitney Sudler-Smith’s father. After Whitney left for college, Patricia stepped back into the dating game and married psychiatrist Edward Fleming. The couple sailed the world but the marriage didn’t last. Her last marriage was to Arthur Altschul, whom she remained with until 2002.

According to the Bravo article, her memoir, aptly titled The Art of Southern Charm revealed that she has received four engagement rings in the past. But, although she's opening up about her romantic past before, for now she's keeping the details of her relationship with Mr. C to herself.

The Season 5 premiere episode showed Sudler-Smith chatting with fellow castmate Shep Rose about his mom’s latest relationship. Even he doesn’t seem to know much, but he says that Altschul has a “gentleman caller” and they might be engaged. So, it looks like her son doesn’t know much more than fans of the show. Altschul hasn’t dropped any hints on her Instagram page. She’s busy selling her custom caftans and pug pet pillows to her adoring followers. Patricia posted a recent picture of her lounging outside in the shade with her dogs. The photo doesn’t have a clear view of her ring finger, but she looks relaxed and happy.

If Patricia does get married soon, it may not be featured on the show, though. She’s known for being someone who loves a good party, but she likes to keep her weddings simple and private. She was asked about her previous ceremonies in a Town & Country Magazine interview and she was surprisingly anti-big weddings. Altschul said:

“When I first got married, my mother said, 'Do you want a big check or a big wedding?' and I said that I wanted a big check. Big weddings are a waste of money. I was a bridesmaid at least 10 times after I graduated from college and I saw so much stress and so many arguments. The families fought, the brides and grooms fought. I even saw a mother of a groom go down the aisle and yank all the flowers off the pews just before everybody came into the church for the ceremony because they had argued about that beforehand … I decided I never wanted a big wedding.”

In the same interview, she joked that her next wedding would be an Elvis Pink Cadillac Drive Thru wedding. But, would Mr. C be down for a quickie wedding in Las Vegas? Maybe Southern Charm will capture that discussion on-camera in a future episode. It’s a strange ceremony location for a glamorous socialite with a massive 10-bedroom Charleston home, but she could always go on a lavish shopping spree on the strip.

Hopefully, Southern Charm fans will get to see the mysterious (and rich) Mr. C make an appearance soon. It all depends on how much Altschul wants to open up about her latest relationship. In any case, he must be one hell of a guy to snag someone as cool as Altschul.