What We Know About Who Rey's Mom Is In 'The Last Jedi'

Walt Disney Studios

Spoilers ahead for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Two years after the world was reintroduced to the Star Wars universe with the release of The Force Awakens, the second movie in the planned trilogy has hit theaters. To no one's surprise, The Last Jedi is already bound to be a blockbuster success, attracting both hardcore superfans and curious newcomers to theaters in order to catch up with Rey, Finn, Poe, Luke, Leia and the rest of our favorite characters. And, naturally, everyone is dying to find out the answers to some of Star Wars' biggest mysteries, particularly the parentage of the franchise's new heroine. Unfortunately, The Last Jedi does not reveal who Rey's mom is, or who he dad is — but there are plenty of hints at what the truth might be spread throughout the film.

As said, nowhere in The Last Jedi does any character explicitly reveal who Rey's parents are. Sure, Kylo Ren tells her, in an emotional scene, that her parents are just nobodies from Jakku who left her on the planet to fend for herself, but that shouldn't be taken too seriously. Kylo is probably just trying to get Rey worked up and feeling alone in the world so that she'll team up with him, an offer she later declines. And besides, it's super unlikely that Rey's parents would end up being totally random people, considering how much buildup there's been by fans and filmmakers alike surrounding the question of her parentage.

But while The Last Jedi doesn't offer any definitive answers on this matter, the movie does have a handful of clues about who Rey's parents might end up being, specifically her mother. It's seeming more and more likely that Leia is Rey's mom, a theory many fans have held since The Force Awakens. Back then, audiences thought Leia could be Rey's mom due mostly to an emotional hug the two share, despite presumably not knowing each other well at all. And now, the theory seems to hold even more weight thanks to some events in The Last Jedi.

For one thing, Rey is shown to have equal strength and abilities to Kylo Ren, which would make perfect sense if the two were siblings (Kylo, of course, is the son of Leia and Han). For another, Leia is shown in The Last Jedi to be majorly force-sensitive, which, as we all know, Rey is, too. And then there's the mirror scene in the movie, when Rey gazes into a mirrored wall and asks the Force to show her her parents. While we don't get to actually see them, the shape of the female figure that emerges could definitely be Leia's.

At the end of the movie, Leia and Rey are seen together, marveling over the state of the Resistance and discussing their futures together, as rebels. It's a sweet moment, and it could definitely be seen as a hint that their characters are even more intertwined than we realize just yet. Mother and daughter these two just might be.

Whether Leia would've had Rey with Han or with another Star Wars character we may or may not have met yet is unclear, but if the Leia theory is true, expect to find the definitive answer to not only that, but also to who Rey's father is, sometime in Star Wars: Episode IX. That's a long time to wait — the movie doesn't come out until December 2019 — but fans of the franchise have displayed plenty of patience of the years. We can manage two more without knowing the answers to Rey's family history, right? Right.