New In The Villa Stephanie Has History With This Ex-Islander & Omg, He Was A FAVE

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The Love Island villa was rocked again on Monday. Following the departure of Ellie Brown and Charlie Frederick, Georgia Steel and Sam Bird decided to split up in order to avoid being sent home. At first, the pair said this would be a test for their relationship. However, after the arrival of four newbies, the chances of them passing are looking painfully slim. One of the new Islanders in particular really seemed to catch Sam's eye, but who is Stephanie Lam and is she one to cause drama?

In her entrance interview, Stephanie shed some light on whether she'll be breaking up any of the villa's established romances. She said in an ITV press release: "I am looking to have a good time, enjoy the experience and see if I genuinely connect with anyone. I am a girls’ girl so it would be hard for me to split anyone up, but we are all there for the same reason."

With that in mind, it's worth noting Stephanie's history with a certain Love Island legend, Chris Hughes. The Daily Mail claims that he liked several of her Instagram posts while still in a relationship with Olivia Attwood. According to The Sun, Stephanie and Chris then started seeing each other after he broke up with Olivia, and have been on and off since February.

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However, she reportedly ended the relationship when she was offered the chance to enter the villa. A source told the paper: "Chris and Stephanie have been dating on and off for six months. But this was an opportunity too good for her to miss out on so she's gone for it."

As Love Island fans are well aware, former villa favourite Olivia never misses an episode, and she was tuning in when Stephanie entered the villa on Monday. Although she didn't comment on the rumours surrounding her and Chris, she did tweet: "All I can think with this new brunette chick is how close her hair is to touching the water. Making me nervous."

Meanwhile, Chris himself hasn't actually spoken out about Stephanie. Before entering the villa, however, she certainly did. I'm not sure exactly what happened while they were spending time together before, but it seems to me that he has definitely been friend-zoned hardcore.

Stephanie said in a press release: "I’m friends with Chris Hughes from last year’s series. We got friendly this year and have been on a mates’ date but we’re just friends." I mean I don't think you could use the words "friends", "friendly" and "mates" more times in one sentence.

According to Stephanie, she has only ever had two serious boyfriends, and Chris was not one of them. She revealed in an ITV press release: "I have only had two serious boyfriends and I’ve not really dated around them. I hope they wouldn’t say anything bad about me as a girlfriend. My last relationship was more serious, I was very much in love and he broke my heart and that’s why we’re not together. We’re on civil terms now."

Moving forward, which of the villa's male housemates are likely to catch her eye? Well, if Mondays episode is anything to go by, Laura Anderson and Jack Fowler could be on the rocks once again, leaving them both free to date new Islanders. And now Georgia and Sam have opted to split, they'll also be up for grabs too.

Stephanie went on a pool date with Jack during Monday's episode, but did she like what she saw? Or will Stephanie take a fancy to one of the happily coupled-up lads? Only one thing is certain, there's sure to be more drama (and many more mentions of the concept of loyalty) in store, so stay tuned.

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