This 'Southern Charm New Orleans' Star Has Already Been On TV

Tyler Kaufman/Bravo

The Southern Charm franchise is known for its steamy romances, scandalous drama, high society antics, and full-on meltdowns. And the newest installment of the series, Southern Charm New Orleans, should be no exception. Following a group of friends who occupy the New Orleans socialite scene, the show is sure to bring the tears, drunken fights, and messy breakups that are the defining characteristics of any Bravo reality show. And at the center of much of this drama? Southern Charm New Orleans cast member Tamica Lee, who, judging by the trailer for the first season, is not great at getting along with everyone.

Tamica is no stranger to being featured on the small screen. In fact, she is the co-host of the WGNO-New Orleans TV channel's local entertainment news program, "News With A Twist." As a television co-host, Tamica is sure to have great presence onscreen, and a confidence that comes with performing for an audience that is sure to serve her well when featured on Southern Charm New Orleans. And since she is both covering the New Orleans entertainment and social scenes, and participating in them herself, she surely will be attending the best events of the social season down in the Big Easy.

Erika Goldring/Bravo

But Tamica doesn't just work on her successful career, she also carves out time in her busy schedule to give back to her community. The Times-Picayune reports that Tamica is a board member at the Son of a Saint organization that was founded by her brother, Sonny Lee. The organization provides mentors for boys growing up in New Orleans without fathers, and was inspired by the Lee siblings' own childhood experience. The same report details that Tamica and Sony's father, former New Orleans Saints defensive back Bivian Lee II, died suddenly of a heart attack the age of 36. Tamcia's widowed mother, Cynthia, was left to raise the two children alone.

“As Sonny and I got older and watched the crime rate leave more and more boys without fathers because of murder or incarceration, we felt the need to reach out and take care of these kids,” Tamica told The Times-Picayune about the inspiration for the Son of a Saint organization. Though Sonny is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the organization, Tamica has been a vocal and passionate spokesperson for the mentoring program.

Tyler Kaufman/Bravo

But Tamica isn't coming to the show alone. Tamica's husband, Barry Smith, is also joining the cast. Barry is the owner and director of a fitness company, FUEL Center of Fitness, and the couple share two children together. But, though this fairytale romance might seem like a match made in heaven, it seems that Tamica and Barry's marriage might be on the rocks.

In the "about" section of the show's website, the description notes that Barry "struggles to confront the underlying tensions that are brewing in his marriage and friendships after a regrettable outburst results in unintended social and professional consequences." Though what exactly that outburst entailed is not explicitly detailed, one can imagine that it was probably pretty serious if it has had both personal and professional repercussions for Barry, and for his marriage to Tamica.

Whatever drama is in store for Tamica, and the rest of the cast, on this first season of Southern Charm New Orleans, it is poised to be an entertaining addition to your lineup of reality shows. New Orleans has great food, incredible music, a long cultural history, and a vibrant social scene, and the city will definitely provide the perfect setting for these high society stars to fight, makeup, and breakup. Will Tamica and Barry make their love last? Fans will have to tune in to Bravo on Sunday, April 15 at 9 p.m. ET to find out more about this season's "it" couple.