The Doctor Sees All On 'Imposters'

It becomes apparent from about the middle of the premiere of Imposters that Maddie (or Ava, or Alice, or whatever you want to call our anti-heroine) isn’t calling the shots. After she meets with her co-conspirators at a highway rest stop, it’s obvious that Maddie is unhappy that the group’s next mark is, uh, less than hot. When she wants to go out on her own and pick her own men to con, Max reminds her that “the doctor” wouldn’t be happy if she did that, and if she did, she’d probably end up at the bottom of the creek. Who is The Doctor on Imposters?

The character of The Doctor is funny because Maddie, Max, and Sally all have an extreme amount of agency, it seems, to do what they need to do to get their mark. When it comes to the Blooms, Maddie married Ezra, Max was working at the family company, and Sally was Ava’s (aka Maddie) long-suffering aunt. Yeah, they all have aliases, but from what we’ve seen so far, Maddie can do what she needs to do to bring them down. Then why is this big shot doc calling the shots for them? I picture The Doctor as an evil Charlie from Charlie’s Angels, making Maddie and the rest of the gang do his bidding. He obviously has money, as he takes a majority of the group’s share, and he obviously has access to power, or else I’m sure Maddie, Max, and Sally wouldn’t be able to accomplish half of what they’ve done.

Eike Schroter/Bravo

The most important question that pertains to The Doctor isn’t necessarily who (the world is full of evil, power-hungry people), but why. How does The Doctor choose the next mark? Is this a Revenge sort of situation where The Doctor is Emily Thorne and has plans to avenge her father’s death? If so, how long does it go on? Perhaps it’s a Robin Hood kind of thing. The Bloom patriarch is cheating on his wife and stole his company’s proprietary patent, so maybe this con is just a way to even the scores between good and evil. Either way, The Doctor has big plans, and Maddie has to enact them.