Who Is The "Fat And Sassy Lady"? Shirley Nash Became A Twitter Icon After Sharing Her Snow Day Plans

Every so often, the internet grants us something so pure and so true that it honestly feels like we don’t deserve it. Today, for example, we have the viral hit known as the “Fat and Sassy Lady,” so named for her advice on exactly what one should do when a snowstorm threatening to leave everyone housebound is approaching — that is, make some comfort food and prepare to “get all fat and sassy.” We were introduced to Fat and Sassy Lady (real name Shirley Nash) in a clip from Charlotte-area North Carolina news station WCCB Charlotte, and although the clip isn’t exactly new, it has still endeared itself to the hearts of folks all over the internet. Because, I mean… it’s perfect.

The clip itself is from early January, when the National Weather Service predicted four to eight inches of snow falling across Mecklenburg County in North Carolina. The storm didn’t end up going quite as expected — as of Jan. 7, Charlotte only got around an inch, according to the Charlotte Observer, while areas around northern Piedmont and the foothills ended up about twice the predicted amount — but during the days prior to the snowfall, it was all that was on anyone’s minds.

During Courtney Francisco’s report on the scene in Cornelius, NC for WCCB Charlotte, which was posted to the web on Jan. 6, we heard from a sampling of local residents on how they were preparing for the storm — which, according to Francisco, mostly consisted of people getting “ready to sit back and enjoy this one.” Such is the nature of a weekend snowstorm.

Here's the thing: Interstates and major roads typically get plowed first during big snowstorms (which, y’know, makes sense) — but if you live in a smaller town or on a sideroad, it might be a while before the plows get to the streets around your home. Since they’re not as widely traveled, they’re simply lower priority… which often results in folks being snowbound for longer than they might really like. (I speak from experience: I grew up in New England. This is how we spent every single winter.) So, people took the standard precautions: There was the standard mad dash for the grocery store (bread and milk were “slim pickings,” according to several residents); some people had hit up the video store to rent movies; and kids were suiting up for the sledding-filled weekend of their dreams.

But you know who really nailed it? Cornelius resident Shirley Nash. As she put it, “We’ll probably sit around, and cook some soups, and eat bread and desserts, and just get all fat and sassy!”

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To which I can only say:


YES. THIS. This is exactly what snowstorms are for.

The internet, naturally, adores Shirley Nash, for hers is the hottest take on snowstorm preparation 101 — and, indeed, on life itself:

1. Sliding Into 2018 Like

thedannybarry on Twitter

Heck yes.

2. I, Myself

eddie_foxx on Twitter

I consider this 2018's take on Lydia Deetz.

3. Goals

acaseofedina on Twitter

Literally living your best life.

4. The Best Take

rhymneylibrary on Twitter

This is hands down my favorite take on #fatandsassy. No argument.

5. All I Really Feel Like Doing RN

panhalfrican on Twitter

I mean, I like my job and all, but this also sounds pretty great.

6. In Case Of Snowmergency, Break Glass

nmariehicks on Twitter

It's supposed to be in the 60s where I am today. I ran around in short sleeves without a coat for a while on Sunday. (Hi there, climate change.) Snow at this point seems... unlikely.

But if it does snow again, this sounds about right.

7. The New Netflix And Chill?

101wkqx on Twitter

I... don't think that's quite how it works, but sure. You do you.

8. Mood

_thecatqueen_ on Twitter

Always and forever.

9. Weekend Plans

sarahellenroach on Twitter

No FOMO here.

10. A Guiding Light

rumham12 on Twitter

Let #fatandsassy solve all your problems.

11. Ink-spiration

janinemuise on Twitter

Also, I am sorry for using the made-up word "ink-spiration." I am a monster.

12. It All Suddenly Makes Sense

mickaeladawn on Twitter

Yes. Yes, she does.

Now we just have to hope that we're not looking at a potential milkshake duck situation, because if we are, many, many people will probably be very, very sad.

In the meantime, though... brb. Gotta go put some soup in the slow cooker. I have big plans tonight.