The New Captain On 'Station 19' Looks Like Absolute Trouble


The Season 1 finale of Station 19 was a real doozy, full of fire, flames, and many, many other synonyms for the word “fire.” The whole station got stuck in a Backdraft-esque scenario in an office building, and well, things were looking bad. Luckily, in the Season 2 premiere, everyone — and I mean everyone — made it out alive. Yes, happy endings rarely happen in Shondaland. But the station shouldn’t count their blessings just yet, as there’s finally a new sheriff in town. Who is the new captain on Station 19? Captain Sullivan doesn’t seem like he’s the warm and fuzzy type.

Let’s backtrack a little bit — when Season 1 ended, everyone was in pretty dire straights. Travis was stabbed in the heart. Jack collapsed in an about-to-explode part of the building. Captain Herrera got a blood clot in his heart, and, oh yeah, the squad had to evacuate and secure an entire office building that was on fire. Slowly but surely, each member made it out of the building, and although it was pretty touch-and-go there for a while (especially with Travis), viewers got their happy reunion ending, the gang smiling and cheering at the fact that — yay — they’re all still alive, if not members of the same fire-fighting group together. The episode also did flashbacks to how this group’s respective bonds got so tight, and so, it was a great setup for what was about to come next — the new captain, Captain Sullivan, who doesn’t seem like he smiles on a regular basis. He also hates breakfast and camaraderie. Oh, man. We’re in for a bumpy ride on this one.

Neither Jack nor Andy were never going to be captain of Station 19. Let’s just say that right out there. They don’t have the experiences, which is why Captain Herrera presented the group with a new option — now-Captain Sullivan, whom you may recognize from… earlier in the episode, when he was yelling at Jack and Hercules Mulligan for fighting in a firefighting academy training flashback. He means business! And he doesn’t care who started it, as long as it gets finished! Oh boy.

This man is a giant stone rippling the gentle, waving rhythm that Station 19 has with its members. They eat breakfast together, but he wants uniform check. I’m going to guess that he doesn’t want to be a pal or braid anyone’s hair. He’s all about that business.

Captain Sullivan may look familiar to viewers from before this premiere episode, and that’s because he’s played by Boris Kodjoe. Kodjoe has been acting for a long time, with roles in shows like The Last Man On Earth, Cape Town, Undercovers, House Of Payne, Crossing Jordan, Soul Food, Boston Public, and The Steve Harvey Show. He’s been working steadily since the late 1990s, so you’ve definitely seen this guy. And he’s not bad to look at, either. Kodjoe stayed mum about his role on the show, but the cat is out of the bag now.

It’s a shame that Station 19’s cast just got through this horrific, traumatizing event and now, they have to deal with this. But what doesn’t literally kill you makes you stronger, right?