Blake E. & Whaboom Already Share An Ex

Michael Yada/ABC

If you thought there wouldn't be contestant drama this early on The Bachelorette, think again. Two of the guys have already come out swinging, and it's probably because this isn't the first time they've shared a reality show with each other. On Monday night's episode, Whaboom and Blake E. argued over one of Whaboom's exes who they both happen to know, and it created so much tension. So who is Whaboom's ex? It's a complicated story, but Blake is actually her roommate.

Basically, here's the short version: Last year, Whaboom and Blake were both on a WeTV show called Ex Isle, along with Whaboom's ex, Brittney, who he brought on the show with him, as you can probably guess from the title. She ended up dating Blake and later becoming his roommate, so obviously, that's already created a fair amount of drama between them. The fact that they're both on The Bachelorette together now — and that Blake was willing to let Rachel know that, in his opinion, Whaboom is not who he seems? So much potential for the you-know-what to hit the fan.

Here's Brittney's intro video from Ex Isle. She's so cute and seems sweet, so there's no wonder that she became a point of contention between Whaboom and Blake.

In the video, she doesn't have anything bad to say about Whaboom — who she refers to as Lucas, because that's his real name and everything — and it sounds like they just weren't compatible in a romantic relationship. But whatever happened between them must have been bad (at least, from the story Brittney tells) because Blake was pissed enough that he had to let Rachel know about it.

It'll be interesting to see what kind of fireworks Blake and Whaboom's past creates in The Bachelorette's future... and I have a feeling it could get out of control. They better just leave Rachel out of it, though. She doesn't deserve to get tangled up in their mess, especially this early in the season.