That ‘Jane The Virgin’ Character Is Really Dead This Time & The List Of Suspects Is Long

Patrick Wymore/The CW

At the beginning of Season 4, Jane The Virgin's all-knowing narrator teased that someone would die. Would it be Rafael, Petra, Alba, Luisa, Anezka, or Magda? Spoilers for the midseason finale. Well, Anezka is really killed on Jane The Virgin in the Dec. 8 episode, after, in a twisted turn of events, she was found to be alive after faking her own death. Her fake death victory was short-lived. Minutes before the episode ended, Anzeka is pushed off a Marbella balcony. And the narrator made sure to clarify that she's really dead this time around.

The last episode before the winter hiatus kicked off with an annoyed Petra doing damage control on the Marbella by planning a memorial service for her sister. But things quickly go sideways when Petra spots a pair of black Mary Jane shoes in the bushes, revealing her worst nightmare: Anezka is actually alive. Having faked her death with the help of actors, Anezka wants to know who really cared about her the most: her mother or her sister. Petra sees this as her chance to capitalize on her sister's naiveté. Too bad that plan backfires.

Anezka quickly sniffs out the scam and confronts Petra in her Marbella suite. Anezka is tired of being underestimated by everyone and declares that she'll be running the hotel her way from here on out. A few seconds later, Anezka's body comes flying over the balcony, smashing on to a casket down below, as two delivery guys watch horrified. While the perpetrator seems to be pretty obvious, in actuality there's plenty of people who could've killed Anezka. Possible suspects include:


Patrick Wymore/The CW

Chance of her being Anezka's killer: High

Petra can't stand her identical sister Anezka (she did steal her identity after all), would do anything to get rid of her, and was the last person seen talking to her, which makes her pretty high on the suspect list. And after Anezka shares that she told Luisa the whole Carl scheme was Petra's idea, Petra has even more of a reason to throw her out the window. BUT she is probably the most obvious choice for the killer than anyone on this list. Almost too obvious for a show like Jane The Virgin, if you ask me.


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Chance of her being Anezka's killer: Medium

If there's anyone more twisted than Anezka, it's her and Petra's mother Magda. This woman gives off some seriously creepy vibes and she was obviously the brains behind this entire scheme to take down Raphael/Luisa/Petra and get the Marbella. Magda had no problem plotting and scheming against Petra, who was taking care of her, in order to secure a better financial future, so who's to say she wouldn't take down Anezka too? Especially after Anezka comes back from the dead and tricks Magda into calling her weak and tossing her beloved teddy into the trash. Although, I do find it hard to believe that Magda could hoist Anezka up there all by herself, which brings us to...


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Chance of him being Anezka's killer: Low

This season, Carl appeared to be in cahoots with Magda and Anezka, even though he's revealed to just be a paid actor. But what if he's not? Carl could be an undercover psycho or a method actor who gets so caught up in this role that he actually decides to go full-blown killer. Telenovelas are known for dramatic twists and, for all fans know, Carl isn't really just an actor. Maybe he is instead Magda's secret lover, who plans to skip town with all (well, what's left of) the Marbella's money.


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Chance of her being Anezka's killer: High

Another semi-obvious choice for Anezka's killer is Rose, even though she's definitely the most violent out of the bunch. She may currently be incarcerated, but that doesn't mean that this former drug lord also known as Sin Rostro doesn't have goons still lurking around in the shadows. And since Anezka was the reason Luisa is now institutionalized, maybe Rose is hellbent on getting revenge.


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Chance of him being Anezka's killer: High

When Petra's original scheme to flip Anezka was set into motion, Anezka turned to none other than her "dead" husband for advice. Unsure of who to believe, Magda or Petra, Anezka begged Scott to send her a sign from beyond the grave. Then suddenly Anezka got the idea to fake her own death, and eventually to go tell Luisa everything. While Anezka has been shown to have bursts of good ideas, it's hard to believe she hatched this plan together on her own. So maybe Anezka was working with someone else: her husband. Now Scott is supposedly dead, but none of the actors on the show have ever confirmed that the character is really dead. Viewers never actually saw him get killed and all that was shown was a corpse in Scott's uniform. In TV-land, that's almost always a clear sign that a character isn't really dead. But the question is, why would Scott want to kill his beloved wife?

With so enemies and sketchy guests floating through the Marbella, Anezka's killer could literally be anyone. And unfortunately, fans will have to wait until Jane The Virgin returns on Jan. 26 to know the official answer to this telenovela whodunnit. But if there's anything fans have come to learn after watching four seasons of the show, it's to always expect the unexpected.