'Scandal' Is Still Searching For Frankie's Killer

Eric McCandless/ABC

Just when I thought Scandal had gotten as crazy as it was going to get, yet another episode aired that proved me wrong. Now that Cyrus and Tom have been arrested for Frankie Vargas' murder, it seems like that particular case is closed, right? Wrong. This is Scandal, and there's always something more complicated lurking beneath the surface. On Thursday night's Scandal, Olivia and her gladiators discovered new information about Frankie's murder, and shockingly enough, Tom wasn't involved at all.

Huck was the first to realize that there was something fishy about Tom's confession. Yeah, he took the blame for Frankie's killing, but he didn't mention anything about Jennifer Fields' death — or her cabin exploding. Things got even more confusing when Cyrus called Olivia from jail, asking for her help (which she refused) and trying to convince her that he wasn't guilty.

But it wasn't until Quinn made a major discovery that they realized that Cyrus was telling the truth: After tracing his rental car with traffic cams, she found out that Tom wasn't actually in D.C. when the shooting went down — he was in Atlanta, meaning that there's no way he could have been responsible for Frankie's murder.

And when Tom came face to face with Cyrus (in a pretty darn violent way, honestly) he revealed the same thing: He didn't kill Frankie, he just pretended he did to punish Cyrus.

Basically, we're back at square one, and the person who killed Frankie could literally be anyone. I'm dying for answers, but I suppose that will have to wait until next week... or knowing this show, maybe even later this season.

Whatever happens, I need Scandal to figure it out quick. Or, you know, just go ahead and make Mellie president. Whatever!