The Clues About Who Met George At The Lido In 'Luther' Suggest A *Massive* Secret


Shows like Luther have that amazing ability to start out with multiple storylines and then kind of weave them together with one common goal. Season five of the ratings smasher BBC show has hit the ground running and straight away given a load of potential plots with no clear connection. Yes, they didn't even slightly warm us up, it was straight into chaos and TBH, delighted. One of the characters, the shady old time East London gangster George, has quite the bee in his bonnet as his son has been kidnapped. So who met George at the lido in Luther to tease him with that super dark video?

He has been told to meet there in the interest of his son's safety and when he got there, y'all there was no sign of his son. Well, there was a ringing phone that had a video call of his son tied up and blind folded. Needless to say, red rag to a bull on this one and even more so when he realised he had company. Across the mucky looking pool he could see a hooded figure. And what do you do when you see a hooded figure? Why you grab a shot gun and start firing it in their direction of course.

So, who the hell was he shooting? And like, how rude of him. Well, whoever it was he didn't kill them but he did manage to graze them because that was one hundred percent a flipping trail of blood. And George was just standing there chill as can be and said "you run, I'll get you". Wahey, scary as.

Right, so who the shag is it because like, it is about time we had some quick fix answers. So, an obvious choice would be that it was the creepy murderer guy. Because like, they tend to connect all of the stories. But this guy gets off more on stabbing people than actual financial gain. Shudder. So he is an unlikely suspect after all.

Also, George definitely recognised the person across the pond. I am not being funny but... did the heavy breathing of the lido person sound slightly, erm, effeminate? And did the silhouette of the runner look on the smaller side? And who turned up at the end of the flipping episode, at Luther's gaff, looking v disheveled, stressed, and one might say injured? Yes y'all, flipping Alice. And it has been confirmed that she is back with a big bloomin' bang because hell yes to a female villain. But what the hell issue could she have with old George?


Well this isn't the first time we have seen George. In season four of Luther, he kidnapped the detective, chained him to a flipping radiator in order to get info about Alice's whereabouts. OK now I get why she might have a little bit of beef with the old gangster. And yes, there is money involved, but Alice doesn't really care about cash does she? More about all that serial killing she keeps herself busy with.

Also, there was that final scene with George. "Luther. He knew, he must have known," he says, before slamming his very expensive looking glass down to storm out in a huff. We know that George is out to find out who kidnapped his son, and previously thought Luther might know. If he now knows his son's keeper is Alice, is he in a rage because he thinks given their friendship Luther must have known? Time will tell.

Fans are excited, delighted and actually low key relieved Alice is back because let's be honest, her and Luther's strange connection is actual fire. Speaking to Radio Times, Ruth Wilson shared a little hint about Alice's return.

"We find that Alice isn’t actually dead. Things have all gone a bit wrong, so she’s come back to get Luther’s help".

A bit wrong like, let's say, getting shot by a next generation one of the Krays? One thing for sure though, things are going to be increasingly intense this season of Luther so make sure you bring the popcorn.

Luther returns to BBC One on Wednesday Jan. 2 at 9 p.m. and continues on Thursday and Friday at the same time