This 'Good Trouble' Newcomer Also Has A Career In Stand Up Comedy


Part of the charm of Good Trouble is that it features a few familiar faces from a now-concluded Freeform favorite, The Fosters. Dedicated fans of The Fosters can look forward to continuing the journey with their favorite characters, but the show also brings in new, intriguing characters to build upon the foundations the first show built. So who plays Alice in Good Trouble? Sherry Cola is a newcomer to the show, and also to the television industry.

According to her IMDB page, Cola got her TV start in 2017 playing Natalie on I Love Dick, the Amazon original series starring Kathryn Hahn. She was in seven episodes of that comedy, before moving on to other bit parts in other big series like Transparent and Life in Pieces. 2018 brought her a stint on Claws, and now with Good Trouble, she's scored her longest-running role, as 13 episodes appear on her page.

Cola is also a stand up comedian. She has her own YouTube channel and Facebook page dedicated to interviews with celebrities and musicians, posting her bits and spreading info of where she'll be performing. Even outside of her page, videos of Cola's sets at comedy clubs and events can be found with just a quick search.

In an interview with NBC News, Cola said she started out in comedy after doing campus radio in college and then working post-grad as a radio host. "I didn't think anything bigger than that which was interesting. And then there was this opportunity to do this show -- this standup show. And I loved it," she said, adding that she had an internet character go viral around the same time, so she decided to throw herself fully into comedy.

Her venture into this realm was pretty recent — Cola told the outlet that 2016 was the year comedy became her main path. "I see it as one of those things that was just really overdue, you know? I'm still nowhere near where I wanna be," she continued. "I felt like I wasted so much time. I need to catch up, almost. That's why I'm so hungry."


On Good Trouble, Cola's character, Alice, manages the apartment that Fosters alums Callie and Mariana move into. Even with only one season under her belt, it's clear the affection Cola has for Alice. "She puts everyone before herself," Cola said in a Freeform clip. "She takes care of every situation. She wants to be the one that people count on. [She's] extremely selfless."

Her journey to being more open with her identity is also something Cola seems to hold near and dear to her heart. "Alice is an Asian-American who is not out of the closet. Her mom doesn't know," Cola continued. "She has so much, you know, pressure. 'When are you going to get your life together?' Which is definitely something I can relate to."

Fans of the show are already taking note of Cola and Alice.

They're excited to see where Alice goes from here, and Cola definitely seems up to the task of delivering a memorable and impactful character