This 'Chambers' Star Got To Put Her Hands All Over Shawn Mendes In A Music Video

Ursula Coyote/Netflix

It must be supremely strange to star on a show in which your character is technically dead, but keeps popping up as a ghost. But such is the case for Lilliya Scarlett Reid, who plays Becky, in Chambers. In the new Netflix horror show, Reid portrays a teenage girl who died in an accident and had her heart donated to Sasha, a local high student. Of course, it seems like everything is fine and dandy post-transplant, but when Sasha starts to see some weird stuff — like visions of Becky and her memories — it becomes clear that something much darker is going on.

A former model, Reid is just getting her start in the acting business. According to her IMDb, she's only appeared as herself on Celebrity Page, as Lily in a movie called Viena And The Fantomes, and as "Girl" in a short named Alyeska: So Long. Per her page on Premier Model Management, she's from Livingston, Montana, and loves to create her own art when she's not modeling or acting. "Both of my parents are very creative intellectuals, and they would take me to see as much art as possible when we moved to Los Angeles," she told Premier Model Management. "I've always looked up to my grandfather, John Egner, an amazing artist."

In an interview with Milk XYZ, Reid explained her inspiration. "Most of my work is just images in my head, but sometimes I’ll just get on with the paint and create something without origination behind it," she said. "It's just flow. A lot of my earlier work was a reflection of experiences and growing up in the world of Los Angeles. Now, it's more about images. It's like I am manipulating and digesting the outside world to a greater extent and what is coming out has gone through a greater deconstructive process." She also admits that she's really into creepy, dark things like teeth, which is clearly evident in her work.

Besides a growing presence in the art world, Reid is famous for something more in the pop culture realm. You know Shawn Mendes' "Nervous" video? With the hands all over his body? Here's a refresher:

Well, Reid was the lucky woman who got to put her hands all over Mendes. It's not clear if there's some sort of hand test a person would have to do in order to get picked for such a thing, but Reid must have done something right to get the gig.

Besides drawing teeth, being absolutely stunning, running her hands all over Shawn Mendes, and starring in a huge new Netflix show alongside Uma Thurman and Tony Goldwyn, Reid seems like a regular young woman. From her artwork to premiere photos to selfies with her friends, Reid's Instagram offers a glimpse int both sides of her life.

The up-and-coming actress has her hands in a lot of different pots, and one of them is bound to land her a break soon. Chambers could be it.