This 'Chambers' Star's Cute Dog Is Only One Reason You'll Want To Follow Him On Instagram

Ursula Coyote/Netflix

Netflix's new horror series Chambers has a lot of moving parts. There's a family grieving the loss of their teenage daughter, a bubbling romance that quickly runs into a conflict, and, oh yeah, a heart transplant recipient who becomes haunted by her donor. Big names like Uma Thurman and Tony Goldwyn head up the cast, but let's get to know some of the more up-and-coming talent the show has to offer. Nicholas Galitzine, who plays Elliot in Chambers, seems like one to watch.

According to Deadline, Galitzine's character Elliot is Becky Lefevre's brother, and Becky's story is crucial to the plot of the show. When she dies, her heart is donated to the main character, Sasha, and that's when chaos ensues. Elliot is still mourning Becky as viewers get to know him, and is described as "a charming, nihilistic rich kid hell-bent on throwing it all away."

As for Galitzine himself, even though he's not a household name just yet, he's not a complete newcomer. He starred in the 2014 movie The Beat Beneath My Feet alongside Luke Perry, and since then has appeared in multiple other projects including Handsome Devil and High Strung. His most recent gig before Chambers was Share, a thriller movie produced by A24 that debuted at Sundance.

Chambers, it would appear, is Galitzine's first multi-episode TV arc, and he seems excited about it. He's been sharing plenty of previews on his Instagram page, where he's already got nearly 200,000 followers. Let's see what else we can glean from his social media, shall we?

He Has A Very Cute Dog

This is obviously the most important thing to be learned from Galitzine's IG. This very good boy's name is Duncan.

He Sings And Plays The Guitar

There are multiple videos of Galitzine playing music on his feed, and he even released a single, "Honey," in 2017. According to iTunes, he also contributed music to his 2014 movie The Beat Beneath My Feet.

He's Close With His Family

Galitzine has shared several snapshots of his family.

And With His Co-Stars

The actor has recently posted photos of Lilliya Reid and Lilli Kay, who both star in Chambers alongside him.

Back in 2017, Galitzine told TheFilmExperience.net that he was eager to tackle some twisted roles, and Chambers might just have offered him that opportunity — in the trailer for the show, his character certainly seems troubled. "I really just want to play multi-faceted characters. There's a darkness inside me that makes me want to play a psychopath or something like that," he told the website. "Tom Hardy did it so well in Bronson, playing an unhinged character. That’s something that — it's kind of getting past the way people might look at my face to convince on the character side."

Will Elliot turn out to be Galitzine's go at an "unhinged" character? Or will he be an innocent teenager, just trying to move on from his sister's death? Only time will tell, but Galitzine is slowly but surely cultivating an impressive resume that definitely makes him someone to keep an eye on.