Meet Ezra From 'Imposters'

by Kayla Hawkins
Eike Schroter/Bravo

New Bravo series Imposters is in the running for the best thing on TV to use as a coping mechanism in our dark, scary, strange world. And as the avatar of the confused, endlessly troubled mortals just like us, who plays Ezra on Imposters? He's the heartbroken protagonist, who begins to piece together exactly how he lost everything and why exactly a mysterious woman is targeting saps around New York City, marrying them, and then stealing everything they own and blackmailing them if they go to the police. Immediately, he seems hapless, but he's also remarkably enterprising, considering that as the show begins, he's hopelessly in love with a woman who's functionally a stranger to him, but by the time the story gets going, he's an amateur investigator who has two new friends who happen to be in the exact same situation.

And bringing Ezra's slightly nebbishy character to life is actor Rob Heaps, who is as different from his character in real life as Maddie's various personas are different from one another. From his pedigree as a theater performer to his former roles you'll definitely recognize, here's everything you might be interested — and even surprised — to find out about Rob Heaps, now one of the stars of Imposters.

He's From The UK

At this point, it's barely surprising to find out that a star on American TV is secretly harboring a British accent when the camera stops rolling, making Heaps just one of many American television protagonists who's from across the pond.

He Has A Strong Theatrical Background

Heaps is a true British thespian, and he's a trained and experienced theater actor in both the US and UK. According to his Bravo bio, some of Heaps' biggest theater roles are "While The Sun Shines (Theatre Royal Bath), Another Place (Plymouth Theatre Royal), King Lear (Chichester/Brooklyn Academy of Music), Pride and Prejudice (Regents Park Theatre), The Browning Version/South Downs (Chichester/West End), and Shoot/Get Treasure/Repeat: The Odyssey (National Theatre).

He Starred In A Beloved Drama

Heaps was a star in Season 2 of Home Fires, an ITV/Masterpiece Theatre production about the WWII home front, where women both worked and held down their homes. Unfortunately, despite the millions of viewers, after two seasons, Home Fires was cancelled in 2016, disappointing legions of fans of the women-led drama.

He's Even Done A Web Series

And speaking of female-led series, he was also a guest star in a comedic web series about acting led by two female comedians, Georgia Maguire and Amy Hoggart.

And He's Been In A Few Major TV Events

Additionally, you may have noticed Heaps' roles in UK TV movies And Then There Were None and Frankenstein and the Vampyre: A Dark and Stormy Night. The former is a recreation of the classic Agatha Christie novel, the latter a combination of documentary and narrative about the night of storytelling that yielded the first modern Frankenstein and vampire stories.

He Can Take A Good Travel Photo

Heaps is still relatively new to Instagram, but so far he's mostly posted about his travels to LA, NYC, and the desert. He's got a pretty good eye!

Rob Heaps is a compelling UK actor who's spent most of his career overseas, but with all of his experience in television, looks poised to fit in perfectly with the mostly American cast of Imposters.