This 'Good Trouble' Actor Is Reason Alone To Tune In

Beth Dubber/Freeform

2019 will continue the trend of reboots, revivals, and spin-off series like Freeform’s upcoming sitcom Good Trouble, premiering Jan 8. Original characters Callie and Mariana Adams-Foster from the parent show The Fosters will star in Good Trouble, which documents a new phase in their lives as adults in Los Angeles. Of course, the new series introduces a host of new characters, including their socially conscious roommate who is sure to stir up some drama and make fans’ hearts flutter. Gael Martinez, portrayed by Tommy Martinez, is a graphic designer with curly hair, dark eyes, chiseled abs, and a sweet rooftop apartment.

Tommy’s face is probably familiar to CW fans because he recently portrayed Riverdale character Malachi, a gang leader and former inmate who is known for being a misogynistic, greedy, and overall dangerous person. Martinez also had a couple of brief guest appearances on NCIS: Los Angeles and Shameless in 2017 during his Riverdale run. There’s not a lot of information about his past and how he made it into the acting world, but that will probably change once he gains more prominence as the token hot guy in this series.

Beth Dubber/Freeform

Thankfully, Gael seems to be far different from Malachi in terms of his personality and overall motivations. Martinez spoke about Gael in a Good Trouble featurette and described his character as eccentric, artistic, and romantic, which is evidenced by his almost instant spark with Callie in the clip. The pair are shown flirting with each other after he pops up from a pool and things quickly lead to the bedroom. The actor also talked about his character's background and overall impact on Season 1.

“He comes from a very traditional minded family and certain things that happen on the show are some of things that I had to deal with growing up,” said Martinez. “I related so much to that.” Martinez said people will be drawn in each week because the show speaks about the things that are happening the world and his character will explore some very real issues in society. He’s also extremely attractive, so that alone is a solid reason to tune in each week.

Outside of work, Tommy Martinez’s Instagram page reveals that he is a competitive rock climber and nature aficionado. He frequently posts smoldering selfies, videos of him training for competitions, and gorgeous photos of outdoors, so it seems like he is just as creative and unique as Gael. He also shared an interesting preview clip that suggests there will be tension between the Callie and Mariana because they are both vying for his attention. Yep, it wouldn't be a Freeform show without ample amounts of drama.

Will Callie or Mariana end up in a relationship with Gael? What, exactly, are his social and political beliefs? And, what's his haircare regimen? The only way to find out is by tuning in each Tuesday at 8 p.m.