Who Plays Richard On 'Imposters'? Parker Young Knows The Dumb Jock Trope

Eike Schroter/Bravo

The interest of watching Imposters is two-fold — the first is that it’s fun to see how far Maddie (or Ava or Alice or whatever she’s going by in the moment) will go to get her con in place, and the second is watching the reactions of her marks afterwards. People really do act differently in a crisis, don’t they? Ezra went the suicidal, distraught route, looking up noose directions on YouTube, and Richard? Well, Richard pretended to be in the FBI to get information, and he also buys a lot of protein powder. It takes a special kind of actor to look that good and play that dumb, so who plays Richard on Imposters?

Parker Young is the man behind Richard, Alice’s former husband and the quintessential dumb jock on Imposters. Young cut his teeth playing another jock character, Ryan Shay, on ABC’s underrated comedy Suburgatory, and, according to his BravoTV.com profile, he was also seen in the FOX series Enlisted, the CW’s Arrow, and in the indie film Fourth Man Out. Young brought brains and a lot of heart to the character of Ryan Shay, which, if you were a Suburgatory fan like I was, you know could have been a boring, dumb placeholder character — but he wasn't.

Ed Araquel/Bravo

Richard is similar to Ryan in some ways — they’re both athletes who are underestimated. Maybe Richard would be some kind of future Ryan, actually. Richard measured his own masculinity against Alice, and now that Alice is gone, he’s pretty much lost. He was a hot-shot football stud with a hot wife, and now, what is he? Not much. He has no idea who he is if he doesn’t have the benchmarks of a trophy wife and big muscles (though he does still have the muscles). Young certainly has the chops to explore Richard’s path to self-realization (and maybe a little bit of revenge, too), and I can’t say I’ll mind looking at him while he does it (he's very attractive).