The Twins From 'The Politician' Are NOTHING Like Their Characters IRL

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ryan Murphy's new Netflix show The Politician may be top-lined by major names like Gwyneth Paltrow and Ben Platt, but there also some exciting newcomers in the mix. That includes the Hobart twins, played by Trey and Trevor Eason. You probably guessed from their shared last name (and faces) that the two are twins IRL, but the up-and-comers are nothing like their characters on the show.

In the Politician, the Easons play Martin and Luther, the older brothers of Payton Hobart (Platt), a wealthy Santa Barbara teen who's known since he was seven that he would one day become the U.S. President, and has devised an elaborate life plan in order to bring this dream to fruition. But whereas Payton is ambitious, Martin and Luther are perfectly content to float through life on their money, privilege, and looks. Like Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss (Armie Hammer) in The Social Network, these brothers are rich, athletic, and extremely attractive. "The Hobart twins' stock portfolio isn't the only thing making the world 1º hotter," teases The Politician in an official Instagram post. That should tell you all you need to know.

As for the actors, Trey and Trevor are relatively new to film and television. Their previous credits are just a short film and Hallmark's A Smile As Big As The Moon. However, they are not new to Instagram. You can follow their joint account for The Politician news and some goofy ventures, and their personals for more information about who they are.

They're From North Carolina

Wilmington, to be exact, though they're currently both based in New York City, according to their Instagram bio.

They're Already Counting Down The Days Until 'The Politician' Season 2

"I still can't believe this is real, it hasn't quite hit me yet," Trevor captioned the post above. "To the whole cast and crew, I absolutely love you all and I am honored to call you all my new friends!! What an experience this is! I can't wait to start season 2!!!!"

Trevor Is In A Relationship

And he and his girlfriend are very cute together!

They Spend Just As Much Time Behind The Camera As They Do In Front Of It

Both of the twin's Instagrams are filled with videos, and making content seems to be something they're passionate about. "Can't let a rainy day stop you from getting out and CREATING!! GET UP AND DO IT!" Trevor captioned a video in February. "The quality of our videos are only going to get better as I learn better filming and editing techniques, if you would like to follow along give our #twinstagram a follow @theeasontwins we're going to be posting a wide range of content regularly!"

They Have A Sense Of Humor

"All this time, people have been asking if we're twins. Nah. He's just always carrying this mirror," Trevor joked on Instagram.

They Ride The Subway

Even though The Politician has not premiered yet, you definitely get the impression that Luther and Martin would never use public transportation.

All in all, the Eason twins seem way more down to Earth than their onscreen counterparts. Hopefully, The Politician is just the beginning for them.