Uh Oh, Lincoln Could Be The New Arie On 'The Bachelorette'

Paul Hebert/ABC

Going into Becca's season of The Bachelorette, it pretty much went without saying that she was looking for someone different than her Bachelor ex, Arie Luyendyk Jr. But what if one of the guys on her season turns out to be just like him? According to the promo that aired after the premiere, it's totally possible. Becca cries at one point about someone doing to her what Arie did, and Jordan also claims someone is just like the former Bachelor. But who pulls an Arie on Becca's Bachelorette?

In the clip (which is preceded by other clips involving a lot of the usual drama), Jordan looks like he's in some kind of canyon or desert area, potentially on a two-on-one date, yelling at someone who's hard to see but who appears to be Lincoln, accusing him of pulling an Arie. Of course, it would be hard for someone to pull an Arie without being engaged first — and it'd be pretty wild if someone who was engaged did come on the show — but maybe Lincoln changed his mind about Becca, possibly even pretty deep into the season.

Unfortunately, the clip is very short and doesn't offer up any kind of explanation, but such is life when it comes to Bachelorette season promos. For now, we're left to wonder until this footage eventually airs (and as all fans know, sometimes the clips we see in the promo never actually do make it to the show).

However, the clip that followed it could offer up a bit of intel. During the premiere, Jordan was very judge-y of his fellow contestants, particularly when it came to their outfits, and the promo made it seem like this season, we'll see more of the same for as long as Becca keeps him around. In the promo, he was locked in arguments with quite a few of the other men, who all seemed to think he wasn't there for "the right reasons." Not a good sign where Jordan is concerned.

Could it be possible that Jordan was just being dramatic, as he seems to have a habit of doing, by slinging around an insult as harsh as comparing someone to Arie? It doesn't seem like that would be the most unbelievable thing in the world, especially if it does happen during a two-on-one date. Since Jordan doesn't seem to be particularly beloved by the other contestants, it wouldn't be shocking that he'd find himself on a date facing elimination against his biggest enemy in the mansion, and maybe that's Lincoln. The fear of being sent home during a date can be real, so maybe Jordan's just acting out because of that.

But if Lincoln — who, so far, seems pretty low key — did in fact pull an Arie on Becca, it's probably going to be very dramatic moment. In fact, according to E! Bachelorette host Chris Harrison described Lincoln as "drama, drama, and more drama." Yikes. It was hard enough watching what Becca went through with Arie the first time in all its 40-minute, unedited glory. To see something similar happen to her again with one of her contestants would be absolutely heartbreaking. She only deserves the best, and if someone's going to play with her heart again, they should be called out in the desert.

What happened between Lincoln and Jordan (and Becca, probably) will have to remain a mystery for now, but hopefully, this mystery will get solved this season and not end up on the Bachelor cutting room floor. At this point, the term "pulling an Arie" is probably one of the most serious offenses you can commit in Bachelor Nation, so let's just hope this is all just a misunderstanding.