The New 'Logan' Trailer Uses A Unique Song

Last year, Deadpool surprised audiences with not only popular appeal, but critical acclaim and awards season attention as well. This year, another character from the Marvel X-Men comics might turn heads with a solo film that breaks the mold yet again. Plus, the new Logan Super Bowl TV spot continued my favorite trailer trend in which movies set the tone with a slowed-down recognizable song — using a cover of "Amazing Grace." Who sings it? A rep for Logan confirmed that the singer is Fuschia Kate Sumner, an actress and singer who is also Sting's daughter. Sumner tweeted about "singing at the Super Bowl," with a link to the trailer as well.

The upcoming film, which completes the Wolverine trilogy, takes place in a fictional 2024 where mutants are dwindling and Logan himself is getting older. No longer interested in being in the X-Men, if they even still exist, he finds himself traveling with a young girl ho has powers similar to his. The first few trailers for Logan have set this film apart fro other superhero films with its woody, independent film look. The latest trailer isn't too different from what we've seen before. But, there's some new Caliban footage, and even more shots of that tiny child whipping through the air.

A previous trailer for Logan used Johnny Cash's "Hurt," so this is sending a slightly different tonal message. The indie take on the classic tune definitely continues this year's sisterhood trend at the big game, and makes for a reflective, neat approach to Wolverine.