Spuds MacKenzie Is Back For Bud Light's Ad


Super Bowl commercials have always been big business, and, in the 1980s, no one represented Bud Light better than Spuds MacKenzie, perennial party dog. He was the guy you always wanted to call if you were having a get-together, that's for sure. In 2017, Spuds is back, and his voice may sound familiar, especially to those who were actually alive to watch movies and media in the 1980s. So, who voices the ghost dog in the Bud Light Super Bowl commercial?

Carl Weathers is the voice of the famous dog in this vintage-inspired (and A Christmas Carol-inspired) commercial. You may recognize Weathers' voice if you're a big movie buff, considering that he was Apollo Creed in every Rocky movie that had an Apollo; Dillon in Predator; and Chubbs in Happy Gilmore, to name a few. Also, don't forget the time that he played himself on Arrested Development, when he needed to raid catering to make a stew.

Weathers has had a very long career, as indicated by his lengthy IMDB page, and, since he was a staple of the decade in which Spuds MacKenzie was big, it's cool that they're resurrecting a notable voice with a notable dog. "My soul can't rest when people don't drink Bud Lights with friends," says Spuds in the ad, and he does his best to show the party pooper what he's missing by not going out with his friends.

Bud Light's resurrection of their trusty canine companion is a change from what viewers have seen from a majority of the 2017 Super Bowl commercials. The commercials have been important and poignant and seemingly political, but they have not been laugh-out-loud funny. This Spuds MacKenzie ad wasn't worthy of an LOL (at least not from where I'm sitting), but it was certainly more aligned in the fun, more traditional way of Super Bowl commercials.