Here's Who Was Eliminated From 'The Bachelor' This Week


Another week, another Bachelor (producers: Fallon Jethroe, Nikki Lazaran) elimination. Arie Luyendyk Jr. had to send another two women home on Monday night and who was eliminated from The Bachelor Week 4 was... not that exciting. Obviously Caroline and Brittany T. were both upset to go home. (Many a tear was shed by both of them.) But, polarizing contestant Krystal stayed in the game, which really frustrated the two ladies who were leaving.

It's understandable that you don't want to leave The Bachelor, and that leaving ahead of someone you feel is not there for "the right reasons" makes that sting even worse. But, if it makes Caroline and Brittany T. feel better, everyone but one will have to go home at some point, and Krystal probs isn't gonna win anyway. Plus, there's always Bachelor in Paradise for Caroline and Brittany to make a comeback. Plus, they'll have all their Bachelor Nation friends for life, probably, and be able to sell tea on Instagram and they'll be just FINE, OK?

Maybe I'm being dramatic, but these early-on eliminations just don't really bother me. I barely even saw Caroline on my TV, I'm not that attached to her, and I'm pretty sure we'll all be seeing the eliminated contestants in a few months in Paradise anyway. And, they were only on the show for few weeks, they'll get over Arie ASAP. Caroline and Brittany, save those tears for someone who is worth it, is what I'm saying.

In any case, since we barely got to see them on the actual show, here's a little more to know about our dearly departed.


Age: 26

Job: Realtor

According to her Bachelor bio, Caroline is WAITING UNTIL SHE MEETS SOMEONE to get a dog. As she put it, "No dogs yet. I'm waiting for someone to co-parent a dog with!" And, like, no, girl. You get that dog. Dogs are great. You don't need a man to own a puppy, and TBH it may even be smarter to get a pet first. That way, if heaven forbid you break up, there's no nasty custody battle — it's just your dog. (My rights to my dog are going in my pre-nup. All our pets are belong to me.)

Aside from making a terrible lack-of-dog choice, Caroline has a plant named Phil, loves Wonder Woman, and is "pretty into the redhead from Riverdale." That would be Archie, whom every Riverdale fan knows is actually the worst. I'm sorry, Caroline, I want to like you, but, come on. There are so many pretty people on that show and you picked him? What about Jughead? Kevin? Anyone besides Archie?

Brittany T.

Age: 30

Job: Tech recruiter

Brittany was one of two of her name, and now there are no Brittanys left on the show, how sad. In any case, Brittany T., per her Bach bio, likes Beyonce, Hillary Clinton, and Chris Evans. Which, same. She also hates online dating and loves ramen, sushi, pizza and poke bowls. We could be BFFs. However, she also said that in five years she wants to be "hopefully married with two corgis." That's all well and goof, but you can also just get the corgis now if you want, Brittany. What is stopping you from living your best dog mom life?

Look, I get that people go on the show to find love, but I just want Caroline and Brittany to know that just because Arie didn't pick them, that doesn't mean they're not awesome. They are, and they should just go get the dogs of their dreams, already. Men can come and go, but a puppy's love is forever.