Twitter Thinks The 'To All The Boys' Sequel Will Have A New Actor Playing John Ambrose


To all the fans who loved To All The Boys I've Loved Before: the sequel is officially official. But, as Lana Condor, a.k.a. Laura Jean Covey, hinted in the To All The Boys sequel announcement on Dec. 19, it might not include the same stars from before. Specifically, it may recast the role of John Ambrose McClaren, who will play a big part in this sequel. Perhaps, if you believe Twitter, with a more famous actor.

Those who were patient enough to sit through the credits for To All The Boys were gifted a first look at John Ambrose McLaren, a boy that Lara Jean knew from Model UN, played by Jordan Burtchett. He also got one of her coveted letters and while he didn't figure into the first movie, it's clear he has a major role in this sequel.

No surprise really since Jenny Han's To All the Boys sequel, titled P.S. I Still Love You, casts John Ambrose as serious competition for everyone's favorite rom-com boyfriend Peter Kavinsky, played by everyone's favorite internet boyfriend Noah Centineo. But, it's possible that Burtchett won't get to go head-to-head with Centineo in this new movie.

The teaser for the To All The Boys sequel ends with Condor picking up a call from an unknown person, who she excitedly tells, "You're gonna make the perfect John Ambrose?" Twitter already seems to think they know who this new John Ambrose might be: Cole Sprouse.

His casting has been rumored for a few months now thanks to a fake To All The Boys 2 poster with Sprouse that started floating around the internet back in October. And it seems to be the clue others have used to claim Sprouse's casting in the new film.

Shortly after the announcement, a fan on Twitter named @marvelsrvnaways wrote, "I'm starting to think Cole Sprout [sic] will play John Ambrose. Remember what he posted on Facebook?" The thing is Sprouse never posted that on Facebook, it was a fan account that shared the doctored image.

While there's a lot of people out there that hope it's true — a press release from Netflix announcing the film doesn't include any mention of Sprouse or the casting of John Ambrose. There are many To All The Boys fans who are not happy about Jughead possibly filling the role. Obviously, they want him vying for Betty's heart, not Lara Jean's.

Others though think Burtchett deserves a chance to be featured in more than the credits. "NO," To All The Boys fan @peterkavinsy tweeted. "we didn’t see jordan in the end scene as john and not for him to PLAY it."

Some are even taking a much more serious stance on the issue. "@JordanBurtchett If you're not playing John Ambrose McClaren they can keep the sequel," fan @anappra tweeted.

Now, it's still too early to say Burtchett isn't in the movie. After all Burtchett's Twitter bio still states "playing John Ambrose on 'To All The Boys.'"

Burtchett's fans might want to prepare themselves, though, for the possibility that his bio might change to the past tense. If it does, fans might want to think about writing him a letter to tell him how much they love him. After all, it worked for Lara Jean.