Eli Pope Is In Hot Water On 'Scandal'

by Nicole Pomarico
Nicole Wilder/ABC

Season 6 of Scandal is blowing my mind week after week, and Thursday's episode was no different. After finding out on last week's episode that Jake was ordered to kill Jennifer Fields by Eli Pope but never actually went through with it, it was revealed that Eli's in deep trouble — something I never imagined was possible, since he's usually the bad guy to end all bad guys. And now, things are getting worse. So who's after Eli Pope on Scandal now?

In a flashback to just before election day, Eli discovers he's being tracked, although he doesn't know by who. After he reunites with a long lost love from grad school, Sandra, he finds out that she's part of a plan by people very similar to those from B613 to track him down and get him to rig the election so that Mellie Grant wins, but it's not that simple. After Olivia finds out what he's up to, she has Huck dismantle the rigged voting machines, because this time, she wants to win this one fair and square.

Then, Eli's left with only one option: Kill Frankie Vargas and frame Cyrus Beene so that Mellie has a clear, unquestionable shot at the Oval.

But paving the way for Mellie isn't enough for these people; they want Eli on their side permanently because he gets things done. How is possible they're even scarier than Eli himself?! At first, it seems like he has them in a corner when he shoots Sandra to prove that he has no weakness, but then, they reveal the real way they're going to keep Eli on the line: They've got a sniper on Olivia at all times, and all they have to do is deliver the orders to shoot her.

Now, Eli's truly trapped, and Olivia has no idea that her life hangs in the balance. What even is this season?!

I can't wait to see what happens next — even though I have a feeling it's going to stress me out just as much as the last few episodes have. Remember when this show was all Olivia/Fitz relationship drama? Those were the days!