'Big Brother 19's Cody Is Keeping His Cards Close To His Chest

Sonja Flemming/CBS

There are always heroes and villains in the Big Brother household, and, sometimes, there are Houseguests who walk the center line. That seems to be the strategy for Big Brother 19 contestant Cody Nickson, who will be introducing himself to America in the June 28 premiere. So soes he have what it takes to win the coveted Big Brother cash prize?

According to his Big Brother cast bio, Nickson is a Marine originally from Iowa, who now resides in Texas. His life motto is also the US Marine Corps motto: "Semper fidelis," which translates to "always faithful." Whether or not his military background will work in his favor in the house remains unknown, but it may be helpful in maintaining a strategy to win.

Based on his interviews, Nickson seems to keep everything close to the vest, only doling out necessary pieces of information. While some competitors feel being as outgoing as possible will get them far in the game, it looks as though Nickson is going to stay comfortably in the middle until the time is right. Of course, even typical Houseguests can fall into the good versus evil storyline on Big Brother, and perhaps he will ultimately reveal himself as one of the two.

Of course, there are a few other personality traits that might work in Nickson's favor this season:

He Plans On Quitting His Day Job

In his first on-camera interview for Big Brother, Nickson mentioned he was a construction sales rep — and he hates it. As a sales rep, he has to go door to door, which he doesn't find to be too much fun. Describing how people "slam doors in his face," Nickson hinted that he will be will quitting his sales rep position after the show.

Does this mean he has an airtight plan to win the competition? He also said that he would love to start his own company with his winnings, but, other than that, he's keeping his future plans to himself.

He's A Dad

Sonja Flemming/CBS

Another big reveal in the on-camera interview is that Cody has a five-year-old daughter. In order to compete on Big Brother, he is giving up his time with her.

Nickson didn't go into too much detail on his family, but he did acknowledge that not seeing her will be hard. "It is what it is, but I can focus," he said.

He Can't Stand "Victim Noises"

Nickson seems pretty adamant about his dislike for men who make "victim noises." While he wasn't willing to imitate the noise for reference purposes, he did equate it to whining and complaining.

Being sequestered in a house with many different conflicting personalities may not be an ideal situation for someone who hates "victim noises," but at least America will get some entertainment out of his discomfort.

He Has His Own Strategy, But With Limits

Naturally, everyone enters the Big Brother house with what they believe is the best strategy to win. In Cody's case, his strategy seems pretty direct.

On his bio page, Cody explained he will first go after the "overbearing" houseguests before moving on to the "floaters." Next, he plans to win every competition to gain influence, even if it means going for the coveted HOH position. "I will never put myself in a pawn position. I will always be a part of every conversation I can and ask questions, but avoid inserting my opinion directly," he stated.

Cody also mentioned in his on-camera interview that he isn't willing to "sell himself to the Devil" and plans to win "within reason." If Cody stays true to his word, viewers may have to look to someone else for this season's villain.

He Has A Lot Of "Never" Statements

Cody obviously has strong opinions on "victim noises," but he also has a strong opinion on things he'll probably never do. In his cast bio, he listed a few "fun facts" about himself, including that he's never worn a suit or cologne, he's never been offended, and he's never taken a selfie.

The last one sounds a bit surprising, but Cody seemed sure of himself. Luckily, the Internet was there to help him out. Reddit user HOH_Rose managed to find and share a selfie taken by — you guessed it — Cody Nickson.

Is Nickson playing mind games in the name of winning the season? All will be revealed on Big Brother 19.