Jessica Is Bringing High-End Attitude To 'Big Brother 19'

Sonja Flemming/CBS

For most people, a summer in the Big Brother house is a vacation. The house is huge and luxurious, with a wide-open living area, fully-stocked kitchen, an outdoor in-ground pool, a pool table, and an outdoor exercise area. With all those amenities, it's probably more luxurious than the homes of the majority of the contestants. However, for Big Brother 19 Houseguest Jessica Graf, it may actually be a step down from what she's used to.

The Big Brother house can offer a lot, but it probably pales in comparison to dealing with high-end clientele in Los Angeles, where Graf works as a VIP concierge. As she explained to Big Brother 11's Jeff Schroeder in a pre-show interview, "People have high demands in Los Angeles, I guess you could say." As far as Graf is concerned, she's making some concessions to her own comfort to compete. In her CBS bio, she wrote that she's "giving up a summer of traveling to share a toilet with 15 other people."

Even though she's leaving more high-end opportunities behind, her experience in VIP concierge could be exactly what makes her a stand-out player in this season of Big Brother. If Graf is used to the demands of high-end clientele, surely the drama and squabbling of the Big Brother house will roll off her like water off of foie gras.

Graf plans on being able to help others this season, but also using her skills as a means to help herself. As she explained to Jeff, "I am going to take a little bit of puppeteering, a little bit of social game — I'm actually really depending on my social game this season ... I want to be the life of the party ... I'm the laughs in the house." By entertaining others and taking care of them, she could end being an essential member of the household. She could also work her way into a powerful alliance that takes her to the end of the game.

Finding another person to pair up with is the major keystone of Graf's plan. As she revealed in her CBS bio, "I'm going to find the best male competitor in the game and the two of us are going to clean house!" While she seems dead-set on finding a male competitor to pair up with, that doesn't mean she's looking for a "showmance. "It's just not gonna happen this summer," she said. "I'm here for the money. I'm here to not only win, but I wanna win so that when Big Brother does an All-Stars season that I can do back-to-back seasons and then win back-to-back seasons."

Sonja Flemming/CBS

It's understandable that the concierge's ambitions of multi-season dominance don't leave room for an in-house relationship. And if Graf can follow through on her plans, she may just meet her goal of Big Brother longevity.