Who's Josh Martinez From 'Big Brother 19'? He's In The Mood For A Little "Showmance"

Sonja Flemming/CBS

When Big Brother 19 premieres June 28, America will be introduced to a variety of different personalities. And some of those personalities will be better suited to the season's theme — temptation — than others. Big Brother 19 contestant Josh Martinez is always looking for a rush.

Big Brother has always encouraged its Houseguests to give into the temptations around them, but this time around America will have the same opportunity. TVLine reported that viewers will be able to vote which Houseguests they want to send into the "Den of Temptation." Once there, the voted Houseguests will receive an offer and, if they take it, they will create unknown consequences for the rest of the house.

Big Brother executive producer Rich Meehan said in an interview with CBS, "Temptation has always been a part of Big Brother but this summer we are testing the Houseguests like never before. There are so many different paths the game could take this season depending on what the Houseguests choose to do."

According to his Big Brother cast bio, Martinez was born in Miami and works in haircare sales. He described himself as "crazy" and "an adrenaline junkie," which could indicate what viewers should expect from this season. With a theme like temptation, Martinez's impulsive, adrenaline-seeking behavior may work in his favor.

Sonja Flemming/CBS

Martinez also stated in his cast bio that one of his favorite activities is "having new experiences." This attitude may serve him well in the Big Brother house, where anything can happen and alliances and relationships are integral to playing the game.

Speaking of new experiences, Martinez told The Hollywood Reporter that he is open to starting up a relationship with another Houseguest this season. He said, "I'm not looking for a showmance, but if it happens, it happens. It's a long three months! Your boy already needs some love." In the same interview, Josh also stated that he applied to be on Big Brother 17 and even made it to the semi-finals. Now, two seasons later, Martinez is officially a contestant on Big Brother and, as a fan, he may have what it takes to play the game.

The other half of that potential "showmance" ought to watch out. Because in his first on-camera interview with CBS, Martinez said he's prepared to be "cold-hearted," even if it means sending his possible showmance "out the door." This interview got the attention of TV Guide, who put Josh on their list of the "5 Houseguests to Watch Out For," as "a likely candidate to play too hard."

Impulsivity can be considered a personality trait that can get someone into trouble. However, it looks as though Josh Martinez might have the unconventional strengths needed to walk out with the Big Brother grand prize.