'The Bachelor’s Maquel Already Has Something In Common With Arie

Craig Sjodin/ABC

The Bachelor brings people from all across America together, often to later take them around the world. Those who manage to last in The Bachelor are treated to dates in exciting international locations, one of which happens to be a favorite spot of Bachelor contestant Maquel Cooper. When interviewed by ABC ahead of the season, Maquel claimed that the most romantic international city is Paris, France. Luckily for her, a recent Bachelor promo revealed that Season 22 would be making a stop by that very city. Now all Maquel has to do is earn enough roses to earn a trip to the city of lights. So, what does this particular hopeful have to offer new Bachelor Arie?

According to her bio, Maquel hails from American Fork, Utah, where she works as a photographer. She said in her ABC interview that the most outrageous thing she's ever done is to "[Go] on The Bachelor!" While The Bachelor may be out of Maquel's comfort zone, the romance-filled travel aspect of the show may be right up her alley.

Her Instagram accounts reveal that Maquel uses her photography to showcase her interests, which include exploring international locales and having family celebrations. She'll be teaching Arie about herself and her life on the show, but there's no better way for fans to learn about this contestant in advance than to look at her own pictures. After all, they're each worth a thousand words. Here's what we know:

Maquel Has Been Bitten By The Travel Bug

Maquel's life has taken her from Amsterdam to Stonehenge, and even Paris, France itself, However, just because she's already been to Paris doesn't mean a trip with The Bachelor would be any less exciting. As they say, "there ain't no trip to Paris like a Bachelor trip to Paris, because a Bachelor trip to Paris is filled with romance and splendor!" Her travelling spirit and worldly experience may help set the spark in Arie's eye that could eventually turn into the flame of love — as long as he's not a fan of staycations.

Maquel Takes Holidays Very Seriously

If contestants on The Bachelor were judged on holiday photos alone, Maquel would be a clear frontrunner. Her holiday photos include detail-filled shots of her and her friends with Santa Claus, giant ornaments, and shots of herself draped in christmas lights and pine needles. While The Bachelor may not be the most festive series, Maquel will likely be bringing her love of celebration to the mansion. She's certainly a fan of Christmas, but Maquel admitted to ABC that her favorite holiday is actually Halloween. She explained that she loves "dressing up [and] creepy/scary stuff." If Arie is going to win Maquel's heart, he'll need to be game to brainstorm a couples costume or two.

Her Faith Is Very Important To Her

Maquel is a loud-and-proud Mormon, often sharing pictures of Mormon temples or messages of faith on her Instagram. As she stated in a post on Instagram in July of 2016, "The times I've been happiest in life is when I'm closest to my savior, and walking on the righteous path back to him. #Mormon" It appears that she and Arie have spirituality in common, as Arie shared in a blog on Patheos that "The Bible [comforts] me as I [travel] from place to place," and recalled being particularly struck by Psalm 10:17, "Lord, thou hast heard the desire of the humble: thou wilt prepare their heart, thou wilt cause thine ear to hear." Maquel and Arie's individual connections to their faith could give the two a particularly strong common interest at the beginning of The Bachelor.

Maquel's journey on The Bachelor begins on Jan. 1, and she's not new to journeys. Whether she's traveling between European cities, making her way to places of worship, or stopping by the North Pole for a photo op with Santa Claus, Maquel is as well-prepared for The Bachelor as anyone can be.