Who’s Megan Lowder From ‘Big Brother 19’? She’s More Than Happy To Play The Bad Guy

Sonja Flemming/CBS

Another season of Big Brother kicks off on June 28 and a new batch of contestants are sharing their strategies on how they're going to win the big prize. One particular Season 19 Houseguest has a is pretty straightforward strategy: do whatever it takes. Big Brother 19's Megan Lowder is down to play the villain this season.

This kind of honest, down-to-earth personality is always a breath of fresh air in the Big Brother house, especially in the early weeks. However, Lowder's other strength seems to be her love of the show itself. In the contestant's first on-camera interview, she identified herself as a Big Brother “fangirl” and showed off her complete knowledge of the show. She also expressed how she wants the “full experience” of being a contestant on Big Brother, and something more candid and surprising: she is willing to make America hate her in order to win.

Let’s be honest, playing the villain on a reality show competition makes for some good TV. As a fan of Big Brother, it looks as though Lowder is aware of this. She's more specifically outlined her strategy in her Big Brother cast bio. Lowder is willing to use other contestants for their strengths as she advances week to week. Once she has her allies, she plans to start picking off the Houseguests and spreading false information about each of them. Naturally, she is also playing the game of constantly watching her back for the same behavior from other Houseguests.

Sonja Flemming/CBS

It’s pretty detailed for a cast bio, so is the strategy itself part of Lowder's elaborate plan to win? In her bio, she also lists Frank Eudy from Seasons 14, 16, and 18, and Paul Abrahamian and Victor Arroyo from Season 18 as her inspirations going into the new season. All three were known for their difficult personalities in the house, but Lowder believes that they were just using their skills to play “the best game.” Her knowledge and superfandom of Big Brother may pay off when Lowder begins her time in the house.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Loweder described how she deals with confrontation: "I have this saying to kill them with kindness and then stab them in the back." It's soundbites like this one that have gotten the attention of the public already because TV Guide named Lowder one of the "five Houseguests to watch out for" this season.

So what can America expect from the professional dog walker from Phoenix, Arizona? Time will tell once the cameras start rolling, but Lowder is certainly making a name for herself before the Big Brother 19 premiere. The only question remaining is whether or not she can ride that infamy to a win.