Peggy & Her Husband Diko Are Bringing Family Ties & Hot Cars To 'RHOC'

Tommy Garcia/Bravo

When Peggy Sulahian joined The Real Housewives of Orange County, she became the hundredth housewife in the long-running franchise. And with Peggy comes her husband, Diko Sulahian, who has made a name for himself in the luxury car world. As a power couple, the two are interesting addition to RHOC, and their extravagant lifestyle will definitely help them fit in.

Of course, Peggy is going to be at the front of the action, but that doesn't mean that Diko won't also be heavily involved in the series. Viewers will get to know Peggy's family; she and Diko are parents to three children — Giovanna (20), Gianelle (18), and Koko (10) — and appear to share a love of cars.

Naturally, what makes The Real Housewives franchise so much fun is watching rich people live lives that are, in many ways, very different than viewers'. In the case of Diko, he made his fortune as president and founder of WTW Corp, which manufactures several lines of luxury, custom-fit car wheels. Pictures of cars and their shiny accoutrements have a big presence on Diko's social media pages, indicating that his business is also his passion. His posts also show a man who is devoted to his family.

Peggy and Diko will be sharing their marriage, business maneuvers, and family life with RHOC viewers, but here are a few basic facts about the man who won Peggy's heart to get you started:

They've Been Together For 20+ Years

Peggy and Diko married in 1995 and, based on Diko's frequent posts of the two at fancy outings, they still make it a priority to spend time together.

Recently, their bond only grew stronger when, according to Bravo, Peggy decided to undergo a double mastectomy after doctors found a lump in her breast. That would be hard for any couple, but these two appear to be tackling her illness as a united front.

Cars Are Kind Of Diko's Specialty

Giovanna Wheels is a high-end, luxury brand and Diko is extremely proud of his accomplishments. In an interview with Highline Autos, Diko explained he likes to be involved throughout the entire wheel design process. "I am involved from the sketch, all the way to engineering, and samples being tested, I can’t let go of anything, I feel lost without knowing every detail of my business," he said. "I guess it’s called micro-managing. My creative drive is obsessive. Perfectionism is an illness with me." Based on his many pictures on his social media pages, this perfectionism is the secret to Diko's success.

Under the WTW Corp umbrella, Diko and his team sell several lines of products, including Giovanna Wheels, Gianelle Designs, Koko Kuture, Koko Solid, and GFG Forged Modular Wheels. You may notice that the first few names match the names of his children, which brings me to the next point...

His Family Is Important To Him

In the same Highline Auto interview, Diko shared why he named his wheel product lines after his children. "I guess you could say this is how I show my love to my children," he explained. "After all, who am I doing all of this for?"

It's clear that Diko loves being with this family. His social media shows that they often attend his business events and visit him at work. Recently, he played the part of a proud dad, congratulating his oldest daughter Gianelle on her high school graduation via Instagram.

He's Close To His Dad

On Father's Day, Diko shared this heartfelt post to Instagram celebrating his relationship with his father. Diko's son, Koko, is named after his dad and this post shows the three generations of Sulahian men spending time together.

Diko seems to enjoy being a father, and this post shows where he gets his inspiration to be the best father he can be. For his father's birthday, Diko shared another picture of the two of them and captioned it, "I am blessed to still have him in my life. He has taught me everything I know, wouldn't be who I am if it weren't for him."

Of course, he doesn't forget the important women in his life either. On Mother's Day, Diko shared another post celebrating his mother, his sister, and, of course, Peggy.

He Supports Causes Close To Him

According to Peggy's bio on the Bravo website, she is Armenian and moved to the United States from Kuwait when she was a year old. Diko has raised money for a local Armenian school and showed his support for the victims of the early 20th century Armenian genocide by marching with his family.

As a father, husband, and businessman, Diko seems devoted to all of his many roles. The Sulahians may have an elite lifestyle, but they also seem to be a down-to-earth family. Perhaps these two sides of Diko and Peggy can help them weather the drama of The Real Housewives Of Orange County.