Why Are Josh & Kelsey Living Together On 'Younger'? Their Relationship Is Growing

When we last saw the world of Younger, it seemed like everything had come crashing down: Kelsey and Colin parted ways, Josh and Liza broke up after a heartbreaking almost-proposal, and Liza was finally letting Kelsey in on her big secret. The Season 4 premiere picks up with Kelsey's reaction to the news that her so-called friend and co-worker has been lying to her since the day they met, but the episode also skims over some other curious outliers. Like, why are Josh and Kelsey living together on Younger?

It's kind of a long story, but basically, Kelsey has nowhere better to go. For those that need a refresher, she'd been staying at Lauren's parents' home, but when Lauren invited her new boyfriend to move in without telling Kelsey, things got a little crowded, so she asked to stay with Colin while she looked for a new apartment. Unfortunately for Kelsey, the concept of her staying with him for even a few days turned Colin into a crazy commitment-phobe, so she went to Liza's in search of another place to crash. But it was then that Liza decided to come clean about her deceitful history, leaving Kelsey shocked, flustered, and unsure of what to do next.

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Liza asks Kelsey to stay, but she picks up and leaves in the middle of the night. She looks into renting what looks like some kind of Airbnb, but it ends up being a "room share" — as in sharing a bed with a complete stranger. Discouraged, she ends up drowning her sorrows at a bar, where she runs into Josh, and the two bond over feeling betrayed by Liza. After a work event, Lauren — desperate to know where Kelsey is living — orders her an Uber and tracks her to Josh's apartment. Apparently, he invited Kelsey to live with him after they got drinks, and Kelsey accepted. The Season 4 trailer seemed to hint pretty heavily at a potential romance between the two, and while it's clear they'll grow closer, for now, they're simply bumping their friendship to roommate status.