Why Bekah M. Doesn't Think Arie Should Propose At All On 'The Bachelor'

Paul Hebert/ABC

Here we are, at The Bachelor season finale, and even though the episode isn't over quite yet, it still seems like a total mystery who Arie Luyendyk Jr. will choose. Even after taking both Becca and Lauren to meet his parents and spending more one-on-one time with them, he still seems to be completely torn. Because of this, former contestant Bekah M. doesn't think Arie should propose to anyone, and she's making a lot of sense.

During one of the live finale segments, Chris Harrison asked Bekah what she thought about Arie's final decision... and she wasted no time in making her feelings known. Although she did acknowledge that it's actually really understandable that he'd be in love with two women at this point, she also didn't think that meant he needed to decide to marry one of them.

"If he's this conflicted at this point, I think that going forward with the proposal is absolutely the wrong thing to do," she said.

All things considered, Bekah might be right. Getting engaged is obviously a really big deal, and the show has to end sometime. Does that mean that the decision to marry one or the other needs to be made, even if it's the wrong one?

According to Bachelor history, absolutely not. Not all seasons end in engagements, and like in the case of Juan Pablo Galavis (if you're having flashbacks after reading that name, you're not the only one), it would have been possible for him just to decide to date his final pick rather than start planning a wedding if he was that unsure.

It does seem like Arie is trying to grasp the gravity of the situation. He's repeated on multiple occasions that this is probably the biggest decision in his entire life, and he's also repeated that he doesn't know who he should choose. Engagement and marriage are huge decisions that will affect the rest of his life, so being 100 percent sure is kind of necessary... and it would have been understandable if he didn't want to make that call just yet. Bekah's making such a good point here — if you don't know who to propose to, don't propose to anyone.

It's not surprising that this is the way Bekah feels. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight last week, she said:

"I don't see him being with this person for the rest of his life … I don't. I just don't think that's what he wants right now, if he's being honest with himself and honest with the world. I think it's odd [that he would worry about choosing the wrong person]. I think that if you fear yourself making a wrong decision that much, you're probably not very in touch with yourself."

And so far, it seems like people are definitely agreeing her. Twitter is lighting up with these kinds of tweets, supporting her input:

And, of course, what most of us are probably thinking right now. It's probably for the best that Arie sent her home weeks ago, or she'd be caught in the same situation that Lauren and Becca are as Arie tries to choose between them.

Bekah got a lot of flack for her age while she was on The Bachelor, and other contestants definitely questioned her readiness for marriage and a serious relationship because of that. But what she's saying now shows that she's truly wise beyond her years. Maybe Arie would be better off if he'd been able to take Bekah's advice while he was making this very tough decision? Now, the world may never know.