Here's Why You're Seeing Block Heels Everywhere

Gone are the thin, spiky stilettos of yesterday, fashionistas. If you haven't already noticed, the block heel is officially taking over, and I'm not talking about the ones your grandma used to wear. Perfect for every occasion, from outdoor weddings to walking from one meeting to the next, this comfortable shoe style has proven to be more than just a nod to the past; it's a glance into the future.

While everyone loves a good pair of high heels every now and then, they aren't always the most comfortable shoes on the planet, especially when they reach sky-high limits. For this reason, it's been incredibly exciting to watch the block heel rise in popularity (no pun intended). Could this shoe style be the answer to our comfortable and stylish shoe prayers? Could the days of accidental ankle sprains and cramped toes be behind us?

In addition to being extremely chic and trendy, the chunky block heel is also great for our physical health, according to two shoe designers. Haley Boyd, founder and creative director of Marais USA, and Jodie Fox, co-founder and chief creative officer of Shoes of Prey, share why they believe every woman needs to have a block heel in their closet, ASAP.

Marais USA Classic Mule in Gold, $225, Maraisusa

Boyd loves a good block heel, and it's not hard to tell after taking one look at the Marais USA shoe collection. "I have found that a block heel offers a lot more support than a flat," Boyd tells me. "When I know I'll be on my feet all day, I opt for the 2.25" heel on the Jane Mule, Classic Mule, or Jardin Heel." The shoe style can also distribute weight more evenly than a stiletto, making it healthier to wear, Jodie Fox shares with me over email.

If you're not convinced that a block heel is right for you because you find them too short or clunky, consider how sky high shoes can affect your body. "High heels can affect your posture — they change the way you walk and stand, [the way you] shift your body weight and pressure to the front of your feet, and change the positioning of your back and hips," Fox says.

Shoes of Prey Savoca 70, $159, Shoes of Prey

Besides the fact that the block heel is better for your foot health, the reason that the square heel has become so trendy as of late is because the style can go with just about any outfit and is appropriate for any event. "[Block heels] are more practical, supportive, and walkable than their stiletto sisters and you can wear them for virtually any occasion," Fox says. "Apart from the style benefits, block heels also provide additional stability and support for your feet." Not to mention that your block-heeled shoes won't sink into the grass or get stuck in grates (I'm looking at you, Rihanna).

If you're still on the fence that these shoes aren't as elegant as a stiletto or a pump, Boyd and Fox have a few styling tips to help make the block heel appear sexier and more stylish. Boyd suggests styling them with crisp and timeless pieces to "create a retro undertone that doesn't overpower your look," while Fox recommends wearing them to the office with cropped trousers and skirts in a variety of lengths or pairing them with a casual summer dress or jeans.

It seems as though the verdict is in: Block heels are becoming a classic. Both practical and stylish, these shoes are without a doubt made for walking, dancing, and whatever activity you might find yourself in.