Why 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Season 6 Will Be The Most Emotional Season Yet

Most major developments on Brooklyn Nine-Nine are handled with a wink and a wicked sense of humor. The whirlwind of the series' cancellation on FOX and revival on NBC shortly thereafter is no exception. "We're gonna do more [episodes] than Friends," star Andy Samberg joked at a recent press event. "Guarantee." And while the actors have assured fans that the upcoming season will definitely feel like a continuation of the show's comedic sensibilities, they also suggested that Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 will plumb new emotional depths.

Shortly after Fox canceled the sitcom, Brooklyn Nine-Nine was picked up by NBC last May after fan outcry on social media. And fans should rest assured that Season 6 is still the same beloved show, despite it being on a different network. "So much of it is exactly where we left off," star Melissa Fumero told Bustle. But this season will also add another dimension of depth, as it explores characters' pasts, struggles, and vulnerabilities. Between a very heartfelt goodbye, a new marriage, a #MeToo episode, and a major origin story, BNN is about to get deep. The cast explained how at an LA press event leading up to the big series premiere.

We'll See New Sides of Amy and Jake Now That They're Married

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When Season 5 wrapped, Amy (Fumero) and Jake (Andy Samberg) were at the onset of newlywed life. While their relationship will continue to provide fodder for comedic moments, the actors explain that audiences will also see a complex depiction of the couple's marriage. "Just because they got married doesn’t mean it’s gonna cause riffs or huge changes," Fumero says. "They’re still gonna be them, but also [they're] navigating adulthood and what that means."

"I think that’s a nice testament to how great of friends they are so far on the show," Samberg adds of Jake and Amy's solid married life. "They stay competitive... but they’re also deepening their relationship and still working together, so there’s a lot of case stories with them together still." Fans will get a new look into Amy and Jake as individuals, and as a married couple, both at work and home. "[We] also delve into their home life. [There’s growth], I think, for both of them in their different ways," says Samberg.

Gina's Goodbye Will Be Bittersweet

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In Oct. 2018, it was announced that Chelsea Peretti would be leaving Brooklyn Nine-Nine after appearing in almost every episode (except when she was on maternity leave in Season 5). According to Peretti, Gina's sendoff will be bittersweet. "Let’s just say we went through it all," the actor says. "It was very weirdly an intimate scene and it was cool." Her departure from the show only truly set in while she was actually doing the scene with Samberg.

"It wound up being like, ‘Wait, am I about to lose it?’ But it was also really funny, so I feel like there’s a little bit for everyone," she adds. "If you want to cry or if you want to laugh, you’re gonna get your fill… All I know is [showrunner] Dan Goor texted me that he cried. That was a good sign I think." And the precinct’s queen of moves isn't going out without a final dance moment. "Uh, yeah! I left my heart on the floor," she jokes.

While Gina's goodbye will surely make fans emotional, Peretti says they should be optimistic about her presence in the future. "The door’s left open. We’re a family," she teases. "She’ll always be in their lives and they’re in hers, and who knows what is down the road. But it’s definitely left in a very positive and fun way."

Yes, There's #MeToo Episode — But It's Not What You Think

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The Nine-Nine will address #MeToo in an episode directed by series regular Stephanie Beatriz. According to the actor, the movement will be explored through Jake and Amy's relationship. "Exploring the issue of #MeToo with the two of them gives us an opportunity to have it not just be considered what I think a lot of people brush off as a 'women’s issue.' It’s a human issue. It is really for all people," Beatriz says. "The world has changed in the last five years, their relationship really does reflect that."

According to Beatriz, the issues surrounding #MeToo will be presented in a very Nine-Nine way, with a balance of comedy and seriousness. "One of the great things about being on a sitcom and exploring these types of more serious topics is that it’s a little bit trojan horse-y," she adds. "You’ve gotten used to watching this fun sitcom show and then we explore these things with these characters you’ve grown to love and then you start asking yourself, ‘Whoa, how do I feel about this? How do I feel that this is affecting my television friend?’"

While Fumero admits she'll be "anxious and nervous" until the episode premieres, Beatriz tips her hat to the stellar acting in it. "The comedic elements from Andre, Joe, and Terry and some of the more dramatic stuff that was happening with Melissa and Andy... I felt very, very lucky to be witness to," she adds.

Hitchcock and Scully Will Get An Origin Story

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While fans have grown incredibly fond of the confidently clueless dynamic duo Hitchcock (Dirk Blocker) and Scully (Joel McKinnon Miller), they'll finally get to learn a bit more about them and where they came from in their own origin episode. "[Their origin] had largely been left out and that’s OK," Blocker says. "To go back and see how we really kind of started, I think is brilliant, really. These guys did a great job casting it and writing it." The actor teases that it's an episode fans will definitely be buzzing about. "Without giving anything away, I want it to be as big of a surprise for the audience as it was for me reading it," he says.

We'll Find Out More About Capt. Holt's Future

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Season 5 left fans with a big cliffhanger. Will Capt. Holt (Andre Braugher) get promoted to police commissioner? While Braugher couldn't reveal much regarding his character's future, he does suggest that Capt. Holt has some life lessons ahead. "I was both delighted and devastated. I was moved in ways that I can’t describe," he teases about the outcome. "I will say that Dan [Goor] has done a great job at keeping these characters together, we’re involved in each others' lives, and most importantly, we continue to mature."

Whatever the outcome may be, Capt. will definitely grow from it. "This is not a show where you’re gonna hear the same lines from the same people again and again," he says. "We might be archetypes, but we’re growing and change right in front of our very eyes and I think that’s what’s great about this show. We’re not the same as we were in year one or two or three."

There are so many more stories to explore with this bunch. Once fans get even more attached to their favorite characters this year, they'll see exactly why all of their rallying for another season paid off.

Additional reporting by Mallory Carra.