Twitter Has Some Wild Theories About Why Bachelorette Becca REALLY Kept Colton

by Nicole Pomarico
Paul Hebert/ABC

Week three of The Bachelorette seems a little early for drama this involved, but it's happening, so we might as well lean into it. As fans found out last week, contestant Colton Underwood has some history with former Bachelor contestant Tia Booth, but now, we really know what's going on — and because of that, it's hard to know what Becca's thinking right now. Why did Becca keep Colton on The Bachelorette, anyway? It seems like she's the kind of woman who believes in second chances, even if a lot of fans on Twitter are having trouble understanding her decision.

Being that Tia was one of Becca's pals who showed up for the spa day group date on Monday night, the conversation about Colton came up pretty quickly... and on multiple occasions. According to Tia, she got the vibe that Colton thought that she might be the next Bachelorette, and things between them didn't last long after Colton was selected to be on the show. When Becca chatted further with Colton about the subject, he said he was totally over it and focused only on Becca for the time being, even though he did come face to face with Tia. Still, she didn't seem convinced he was 100 percent over her.

Then, instead of sending Colton packing, Becca decided to let him stay and gave him the group date rose — which means he'll be sticking around at least for another week. But why?

If you're confused, you're not alone — a lot of Bachelorette fans were puzzled by the whole thing, too. Obviously, Becca feels like Colton's telling the truth about being over Tia, but she's been so upset about the situation for almost two full episodes that some viewers were surprised to see her so willing to take a chance here... and many of those fans are sharing their very deep feelings about this development on Twitter.

Many people were just straight up confused at the choice, because it took almost nothing for Becca to believe Colton was sincere. Wasn't she just super emotional about Colton having feelings for Tia in the past, but suddenly it's OK?

And others were confused about the timing of the rose, as well.

Some people were still a little fuzzy on what actually happened between Colton and Tia, because every time Becca talked to someone about it, the events kept sounding less and less like they were two people who dated and more like they were two people who accidentally bumped into each other at the movies:

This tweet accurately represents how many fans were feeling while they watched all of this going on:

Then, there was this tweet, which astutely pointed out something that Bachelorette fans are truly struggling with: the idea of having a beloved contestant ruined while many are still mourning the loss of Joe on night one. Colton had better be over Tia like he says he is, because now that Joe the Grocery Store Owner is gone, how much more can fans take?

And, as always, former Bachelor contestant (and friend of Tia) Raven Gates is throwing the shade when the shade is needed most.

Clearly, this lady has some tea she's not spilling. Come on, Raven. We need this.

It may not make sense right now, but Becca obviously has her reasons for keeping Colton around. And as Twitter proves, plenty of fans are hoping he won't let them (or Becca) down in the coming weeks — or as long as he keeps snatching up roses. He does seem like a sweet guy, minus the Tia drama, so maybe he truly does deserve the second chance.