Why Bey May Have Chosen The Name Rumi

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The day is finally here. Beyoncé welcomed her twins into the world, and according to TMZ, the babies' names are reportedly Rumi and Sir, which leads to the natural next question: Why did Beyoncé name her baby Rumi? According to Name Berry, Rumi is a girls' name of Japanese origin, but the name is most closely associated with a famed 13th century Sunni Muslim poet. And it's totally likely that two gifted artists like Bey and JAY-Z would choose the name for its poetic roots.

That said, Rumi remains a controversial figure to this day. A Huffington Post article points out his name is considered blasphemous in Saudi Arabia by many, due to the questioning nature of his work. The poet was known for challenging religion and endorsing self-empowerment. While his work would have put other artist's lives at risk during his age, he was so wealthy and highly regarded that he was considered to be untouchable. If the Carters did name of one their twins Rumi, it wouldn't be surprising. What better inspiration than a fearless writer, who never let anyone dictate what he said or didn't say in his art?

Plus, Appellation Mountain offers more insight into the stunning name: Depending on the region of Japan, Rumi can mean beauty, water, or flow. That added combined with the legacy of the iconic poet makes it a fitting name for any baby, but especially one with such gifted parents.