Peter Sent A Woman Home On 'The Bachelor' Because He Apparently Hates Fun

John Fleenor/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

Despite the advantage of meeting Peter before the show began filming, Kelley got sent home on The Bachelor right before hometowns, bringing their love story to a sudden end. She headed into her three-on-one date with Victoria F. and Hannah Ann feeling pretty confident about where she stood, but Kelley ultimately failed to convince Peter that things between them could be more than just "fun," and that she was genuinely serious about him.

"Not every relationship has to be like, jumping through hurdles and super hard," she told Peter during the date, echoing the criticism Peter has already received this season for rewarding drama and tears. Peter, however, didn't seem to feel the same way, even admitting that he didn't like that Kelley referred to their relationship as "fun," because for him, that meant she wasn't taking "the process" seriously enough. Ultimately, that proved to be his deal breaker.

"I felt like Kelley and I had a really good friendship," Peter told the cameras. "I didn’t see us at the point I felt like we needed to be at." He also said that he felt he was holding onto the relationship because of their original meeting, and the idea that it meant they were meant to be together. "If I'm being honest with myself, I was holding onto that and what that meant and why we came into each other’s lives," Peter told Kelley.

Though she was blindsided by her elimination, Kelley ultimately felt it was good that her relationship with Peter ended when it did, as she realized that they were at "different phases" in their lives. "I question his intentions because I just don’t really know what phase he's at," Kelley said in the car after her elimination. "[If] he's not able to sit there and make decisive decisions, then that's on him. I don't really want him to waste my time, either."

This isn't the first time that Kelley has implied that she and Peter are at different points in their lives; during their one-on-one date in Costa Rica, she criticized Peter for "rewarding drama" with the other women. "There were things I was hearing around the house that made me question, like 'Is he ready for marriage?'" she said.

In the end, Kelley may have just been not cut out to find love on a show like The Bachelor. Peter has spent most of the season talking about how the process "works" and that he wants to find his wife, while she (rationally) admitted to him in Costa Rica that she didn't necessarily see herself being engaged after spending just six weeks with someone. Kelley has often joked about being exhausted after traveling, she pretended to take a nap during the three-on-one, and she's just as mystified by some of Peter's choices as the rest of Bachelor Nation. More importantly, she wants her relationships to be fun, which appears to be something that Peter is oddly against. You know where you can have fun, Kelley? Bachelor in Paradise. See you there.