'Love Island's Greg Just Shut Down Those Text Rumours In A Big Way


There was heartbreak across the nation and all over Twitter as it was revealed this week that Love Island 2019 winners Amber Gill and Greg O’Shea have broken up. Being in the villa must be so intense and the logistics of making a relationship work on the outside are undoubtedly tough. A lot of rumours have been flying around about the circumstances in which the pair separated just five weeks after meeting on the show. However, Greg revealed the reason behind his and Amber’s split in a super candid interview, and it sounds like the reason they parted ways was actually very understandable.

It was hardly shocking that Gill and O’Shea won the nation's hearts and went on to be crowned King and Queen of Love Island 2019. So, when it was revealed that they had split, Love Island fans went into meltdown. While the rumour mill has been working in overdrive O’Shea appeared on the Irish talk show The Late Late Show to set the record straight.

Appearing alongside fellow Irish islander Maura Higgins, O'Shea told host Ryan Tubridy that trying to make a long distance relationship work when you’re as busy and successful as they both were proved too much. He said, “You need to be realistic about the situation. She lives in the UK. Every brand wants to work with her, every event wants her there, and of course she deserves all of it. I decided to come back to Ireland and do my thing here. I’m trying to get to the Olympics with the sevens team, I’ve got my law exams coming up, so we’re both so jam packed busy.”

It’s understandable that Gill and O’Shea have been in high demand since winning Love Island. So, trying to make a relationship work when you’re not in the same country must be incredibly difficult. However, O’Shea highlighted that there’s still a lot of love and respect between him and Gill. He said, “We’re mad out each other, I’m mad about her. What’s not to be mad about? She’s gorgeous, smart, has the personality, the Queen of Love Island for a reason.” Well, now my hearts breaking all over again.

Just days after their rumoured split, it was reported that Gill and O’Shea broke up over text, which seemed super harsh. However, speaking on The Late Late Show, O’Shea revealed the break up actually happened over the phone. He said, "Don't believe everything you read," pointing out that “It wasn’t just one text, it was over a couple of days."

He continued: "And I’m mad about her and I hope she’s mad about me. So, we’ll see about the future.” Well at least there’s some hope there. Never have I wanted a Love Island partnership to work out more.

Gill has been pretty quiet about the break up since it was first reported on Sept. 6. Going through a relationship break down is hard, let alone if you were in the public eye. However, she has spoken out on Instagram, praising Love Island bestie Ana Vakili and her sister for being great support through a difficult time. Since leaving the villa Vakili has been trolled online. However Gill wrote on her Instagram story, “She has made me feel so good over these past few days and these comments need to stop."

Gill followed it up with a picture of her and Vakili with the comment "The realest relationship to come out of the villa, and that's the truth."

There’s no denying that it's sad for a lot of Love Island fans out there to see Gill and O'Shea go their separate ways. However, it's great to hear there's still love between the two of them, and that Gill is being supported by her BFF.