Hannah Finally Sent Luke Home On 'The Bachelorette' — Then Tweeted About It Afterward

by Nicole Pomarico

Last week, fans were shocked when, instead of sending someone home after hometown dates, Hannah B. chose to give all four of her remaining contestants a rose — and they were even more shocked because this meant that Luke P. would be sticking around for yet another week. But on Monday night's episode, it all came to an end for him. So why did Luke P. go home on The Bachelorette? It seems like his bad attitude finally caught up to him.

Luke and Hannah's date got off to a great start, much like any of the other Fantasy Suite dates. They adventured around Santorini, and it was beautiful, because well, it's Greece. But things went downhill when they sat down to dinner and Luke started talking about what he wants out of his future wife, saying he that if Hannah had had sex with any of the other men at this point, he'd want to go home immediately.

Hannah's face at that point said it all, and at first, she didn't seem like she quite knew how to respond... but it was in that moment that she finally realized that Luke was not the guy for her (as fans have known all season long).

And of course, since Hannah's been live tweeting each episode, of course she shared a few of her thoughts about what went down on Twitter. It sounds like she feels the same way many fans did while they were watching this all happen.

"The way that you just said that is — why do you have the right to do that? Because you're not my husband," she said. "It's just that you are questioning me, you are judging me, and you feel like you have the right to when you don't at this point."

Despite the fact that Luke tried to backpedal, it didn't work. He kept trying to make the whole thing about spirituality, and Hannah wasn't having it. She even threw a Bible verse or two his way to let him know that she wasn't messing around.

In the end, she asked him if she could walk him out, but because this is Luke P., he refused to get up from the table. Hannah had to ask him several times to leave, and when he finally did, he continued trying to explain himself, which obviously didn't go over well with Hannah. Before he said goodbye, she laid on the line we've all been waiting to hear: "I have had sex, and Jesus still loves me."

It took a lot of extra effort, but before long, Luke was finally in the limo and headed out of there. It's good to see that Luke is finally gone, and that he had the truly ceremonious exit that his behavior has been demanding for weeks. Unfortunately, according to the promo that aired for the finale, it seems like he's not gone forever, and may be popping up on our screens for one more (and hopefully final) time. Good luck, Hannah.