Luke Broke Stassi's Heart On 'Bachelor Winter Games' & It Was ROUGH

Lorenzo Bevilaqua/ABC

Man, you think you know someone (and by know someone I mean that you've watched them on reality television a few times), but then they go on to seriously disappoint you. Luke Pell and Stassi Yaramchuk hit it off on The Bachelor Winter Games, and it even seemed like these two were going to leave the house hand-in-hand and run off into the world for a (potential) happily ever after. But that was so not the case. why did Luke and Stassi break up after Bachelor Winter Games? Things definitely aren't all good between them. (Bustle reached out to Luke, but has not yet received a response. A rep for Stassi could not be reached.)

Luke didn't have much luck on JoJo Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette, and Stassi didn't go that far on The Bachelor: Sweden. But, they got together on The Bachelor Winter Games. Sometimes, love — or lust, at least — is as easy as that. Luke and Stassi never had any big-time talks about their futures or whatever while they were on the show (until the Fantasy Suites), but they didn't break up during filming, so it seemed safe to say they at least liked each other. Luke said, "Let's see this through!" That means something, no? But, in the real world, things seemingly changed — Luke completed blew Stassi off during the reunion, and she was obviously very hurt. He was so cold and distant when he was in the hotseat and talking to Stassi. I mean, god — look at his body language.

And as Stassi explained that the feelings that she had for Luke weren't for the show — she really felt those things — he was just like, "Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Sorry for the confusion." He wouldn't even look at her. Stassi told Chris Harrison, "[Luke] took so much effort to get to know me and understand me [on the show] … it seemed so real. After the show … it was nothing. I had never talked to him after the show ... He doesn’t have my mobile phone number."

When Luke joined her during the reunion, Stassi issued a third-degree burn and introduced herself to him. Luke blamed completely dropping Stassi on the fact that they lived in different places geographically, and then he mansplained life and relationships to her. Dude. Really? I... I can't. And neither could anyone else on the show.

One of the other stars commented quietly about Luke, "That was as bad as I've seen someone defend themselves ever." Luke could definitely stand to do a little sucking up to the Bachelor Nation audience, because nobody will want to deal with him now. As Stassi said, how could you cut a person from your life like that?

And how bad do we all feel for Stassi? She actually liked Luke, and it totally blew up in her face. In the end, Stassi wanted the conversation to move onto the next couple, and no one watching could blame her. In an interview with Metro, Luke was talking about how he preferred to be on a show like The Bachelor Winter Games. “Your relationships are able to be a lot more natural than they are in the other main two shows, so that part was the best for me,” Luke said. Hmm...

The trend of casting the Bachelor over the past few seasons has been to dig up from the archives — first Nick Viall was announced as the leading man, and in the show's current (and very boring) season, old man Arie Luyendyk, Jr. is the Bachelor. If Luke's train of thought was to get on The Bachelor Winter Games to pull a "we didn't work out and I want to be the Bachelor now," it's not going to work. If he wanted to be on The Bachelor Winter Games to promote his country music, it's not going to work. In being that rude to Stassi, Luke shot himself in the foot, and Bachelor Nation is not going to take kindly to it. Stassi, girl, you're better off without him.