Corinne & Nick Aren't Meant To Be On 'The Bach'

Jeff Daly/ABC

All good things must come to an end, and on The Bachelor, Corinne's time is up. Nick Viall sent Corinne home on The Bachelor, and she left the show seriously upset. In a windy rose ceremony on a Brooklyn rooftop, Nick gave roses to Rachel, Raven, and Vanessa, leaving a stunned Corinne to weep as she was escorted to the limo.

I wasn't necessary Corinne's biggest fan all season, but the past few episodes have really endeared her to me. It was like a switch went off after she propositioned Nick in Bimini and she became, I don't know, less intense? She stopped throwing herself at Nick and started to let him get to know her beyond her physical attributes. (Not that I'm shaming her, you do you, girl. But marriage tends to need a foundation beyond just sex.) But that more insecure version of herself came back after the rose ceremony rejection, because, mid-sob, Corinne told Nick that she was "sorry" if she ever did anything to upset him.

Oh, girlfriend. Nick told her that she didn't and she shouldn't regret anything that she did on the show — it just all came down to his feelings for the others. Being viewer to Corinne's own relationship issues was pretty interesting and a little alarming, that her initial response to rejection was to apologize, apologize, apologize. Girl, you're better than that! You're smart and pretty and funny. Nick knows that, but he's just feeling the other girls more, and that's OK.

Now, it's really down to two women, since we know that Rachel is the Bachelorette and does not end up with a proposal from Nick. Raven or Vanessa? Vanessa or Raven? Hell if I know. What I'm focused on right now is hoping that Corinne lands on her feet, because for all of her horns, she's a good person with a heart, and her heartbreak on The Bachelor is sad to watch.